I need to see some penguins, like, right now…

McGeesI feel like I should mark the closing of the 9 years that How I Met Your Mother has been in my life, and it’s quite fitting that I have just got back from New York where my first night was spent in McGees Pub getting drunk on a Robin Sparkles cocktail (more on that in my quite detailed trip report to follow).

We didn’t really plan our trip, but perhaps we should have because we ended up leaving NYC an hour before the finale aired.  CURSES.  I think Carter and Craig were even at McGees last night watching it.  Gutted.  GUTTED.

Farewell HIMYM.  I feel really sad about you not being on the air anymore, but I’m going to leave that to Future Melissa to deal with.

2 thoughts on “I need to see some penguins, like, right now…

  1. Both times I visited NYC, I went to McGees and it wasn’t that much of a HIMYM bar. They had that big poster signed by the cast, that I think was in the basement somewhere and that was it. Its still an awesome bar though…

    I still don’t know how to deal with HIMYM being over. I’m glad in a way, but also need a bit more time and perspective to deal with it all.

    Its such a weird show, that it was so big in our subconscious for such a long time…

    1. McGees had a special HIMYM drinks menu – it was awesome!

      I think this was one of the pivotal shows that bonded us all together. This show is as old as our friendships so that makes it really special to me 🙂

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