This changing line between land and sea

Brighton deckchairs

Last Thursday, I had the onerous task of going to a meeting at the University of Brighton.  Woe is me.  The meeting lasted about 4 hours, was incredibly productive, and finished in time for me to have a wander before heading home.

Brighton UniAs proof, this is the building I was in – it wasn’t just an excuse for a jolly!

Brighton BeachI made a fleeting visit to the beach.  Husband and I normally stay in Brighton in the dead of winter, so it was really weird seeing people on the beach, deckchairs out, the beachside pubs and shops all open.

Small BatchI popped in to Husband’s favourite coffee shop to pick up some beans.

Brighton O&NPopped into my favourite shop to find out that yes, it is closing down.  I only ever buy Ollie and Nic bags so have been a bit traumatised by the closure.  The sales assistant said that they’ve closed the whole company down and the notice on the website is wrong, so I’m not sure if they’re gone for good or not.  Who do I believe?!!?

The LanesIt was so lovely to see it packed out with people, bunting whipping around in the sea breeze.  I think we’re going to have a book a couple of nights in our favourite hotel soon, because an hour or so after a meeting wasn’t enough for me!

2 thoughts on “This changing line between land and sea

  1. Sorry, Ollie and Nic are what? The most important bit I have picked out from this entire post. Aww, that makes me sad. Though saying that, have not managed to bring out any of my Ollie & Nic bags.

    The photo with the bunting is so cute!

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