Hot dog surprise – be still my heart.

VAndA2014Husband and I had such a great day yesterday for his birthday.  It started as all good birthdays should, with present opening.  Lego and whisky were the main themes of his gifts from me this year, and as I sit typing this post, he’s tipping the contents of his Maersk Triple E box on to the floor.

Our first visit was to the V&A, where I managed to convince Husband to let me drag him round the wedding dress exhibit.  I had planned on doing this on my birthday in a couple of weeks, but as we were going to the V&A for his birthday as well, seemed silly to do two trips!  He didn’t seem to mind though, and managed to feign interest as I showed him yet another dress I liked.

My standout favourite was a 1960s dress designed and worn by Wendy Ramshaw.  I adored the short style, and thought the headdress was so pretty.  I fell for Gwen Stafani’s Galliano wedding dress instantly, so it was really nice to see it up close and appreciate how unusual it was.  I also really loved this Norman Hartnell ballerina-esque dress.  It’s made me desperate to get married again so I can go dress shopping.

All dressed out, we then went back to the main entrance to visit Disobedient Objects – “the powerful role of objects in movements for social change”.  It was pretty much the opposite to the pretty dresses we’d just looked at.  Lots of placards, banners, and even a truck; items that that activists have used in protests around the world.  What particularly struck me was an interactive map showing protests in every country on a month by month basis – it’s astonishing to see the different countries light up with discontent as the years go by.

We finished looking around (and doing a bit of gift shop shopping) just after lunch time, so we decided to walk through Hyde Park to Marble Arch, then up to Tottenham Court Road and Fitzrovia so we could visit Bubbledogs.

Bubbledogs outsideIt was so good!  Husband of course had birthday champagne, and I chose THE GREATEST DRINK I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE.

Bubbledogs drinksDominion Black Cherry Soda.  It’s amazing.  It’s the future.  I want to have nothing but this in my fridge at all times.

The menu essentially has one item – hot dogs – but there are loads of different options.  I decided on a New Yorker which came with onions and sauerkraut (which I never knew was cabbage) and Husband had a Mac Daddy which came with macaroni & cheese, crispy onions, and bacon bits.  We both had sweet potato fries, which were the most heavenly things I have ever tried.  The hot dogs were pretty damn good too.  I was worried that it would be too busy to get in, but we got there as most of the lunchtime rush was finishing so we had a table to ourselves.  When we left an hour or so later, the restaurant had pretty much emptied out – 2pm is a great time to go!

BubbledogsThey should make little cuddly Bubble Dogs!

I can quite easily see Bubbledogs expanding and having loads of restaurants all over the place – it was such a great meal.

We then stumbled back to Waterloo, Husband slightly drunk and me very tired, and had birthday cake for dinner.

30 cakeI’d like the numbers on the cake to be true because that would mean I’d still be in my twenties, but sadly, they are a few years out.

5 thoughts on “Hot dog surprise – be still my heart.

  1. Sounds like a great day out! Bubbledogs is so delicious, I love the contrast of eating hot dogs and drinking champagne at the same time 🙂

  2. Mmmm, sweet potato fries are the best. I tried making them once. Did not turn out well at all. I’ll stick to buying them from Mooyah when we get burgers 😀

    Black cherry soda sounds interesting. The bottle confused me, it looked beer-y.

    1. I try every week to make decent sweet potato fries. They always come out mushy 😦

      The soda was so so good. It’s made by the Old Dominion Brewery in Delaware so they probably use the same bottles.

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