Not Another Bill – August 2014 box

NABAugLast month was the first month I didn’t love my Not Another Bill gift, so how did it go this month?

NABAug2Lovely polka dot bag.  Intriguing…

NABAug3Ooo, what’s this from Laura Spring?  A glasses case!  Not Another Bill wanted to send a “present that coincides with your days on the beach (or wherever you are) which is how the ‘wearable sunglasses pouch’ was born”.

I think this is adorable.  For me as a spectacle wearer, I am forever swapping my sunnies and my prescription glasses, and having to drop my glasses in my bag or continually put them back into snap-shut cases is a bit of a pain.  I can just imagine wearing the pouch to make this process easier – perhaps not in my day to day life but if I was on the beach or a walk or something like that.

Laura’s other products are really lovely as well, and she’s got a sale on at the moment so quickly go have a look.  Thanks NAB!

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