Not Another Bill – August 2014 box

NABAugLast month was the first month I didn’t love my Not Another Bill gift, so how did it go this month?

NABAug2Lovely polka dot bag.  Intriguing…

NABAug3Ooo, what’s this from Laura Spring?  A glasses case!  Not Another Bill wanted to send a “present that coincides with your days on the beach (or wherever you are) which is how the ‘wearable sunglasses pouch’ was born”.

I think this is adorable.  For me as a spectacle wearer, I am forever swapping my sunnies and my prescription glasses, and having to drop my glasses in my bag or continually put them back into snap-shut cases is a bit of a pain.  I can just imagine wearing the pouch to make this process easier – perhaps not in my day to day life but if I was on the beach or a walk or something like that.

Laura’s other products are really lovely as well, and she’s got a sale on at the moment so quickly go have a look.  Thanks NAB!

I need both ears to hold up my glasses

Tina GifFor some unknown reason, I get a week off work for Easter, so I have spent my extra days sleeping, waiting in for deliveries, and getting my eyes tested.  My eyes have deteriorated a little, but even if they hadn’t, I’d still have a look around for a new pair of specs as I’m so bored of my current pair.

And so, my first home trial from Glasses Direct has arrived.

GlassesI’m determined to get some tortoiseshell frames, and I want something which is part Gertrud Kofoed from the Bridge, part Cosima Niehaus from Orphan Black.  I’m worried I am looking for something ridiculously specific that doesn’t exist.

This might take a while.