I need both ears to hold up my glasses

Tina GifFor some unknown reason, I get a week off work for Easter, so I have spent my extra days sleeping, waiting in for deliveries, and getting my eyes tested.  My eyes have deteriorated a little, but even if they hadn’t, I’d still have a look around for a new pair of specs as I’m so bored of my current pair.

And so, my first home trial from Glasses Direct has arrived.

GlassesI’m determined to get some tortoiseshell frames, and I want something which is part Gertrud Kofoed from the Bridge, part Cosima Niehaus from Orphan Black.  I’m worried I am looking for something ridiculously specific that doesn’t exist.

This might take a while.

5 thoughts on “I need both ears to hold up my glasses

  1. My Glasses Direct tip is to make sure you have the correct pupillary distance! They say there’s an average and it’ll probably be fine, but I found it to be not fine. I need to get some sunglasses now and I’m sending in my old pair of normal glasses so they can get that measurement for me to make sure it’s right.

      1. I ended up returning mine for a refund and going to Specsavers because I didn’t want to wait any longer to use the new prescription but the ones they sent were definitely not right for my head.

        I’m thinking about using SpeckyFourEyes for my sunglasses, they charge £10 to measure the PD but I sent them some questions and the customer service was very good!

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