Conference season 2014

Sheffield Hallam Springtime is conference season for me.  Last month, I went up to Manchester for a few days, and April was the turn of Sheffield.

I haven’t been here before, but I really enjoyed the city.  The conference was hosted by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam, although we were mainly on Hallam’s campus, and I found everyone I spoke to really lovely.

Sheffield has an amazing water feature outside the railway station in Sheaf Square called Cutting Edge which is very striking.

Sheffield stationI wish I’d gone back to visit at night as it looks stunning.

There was a slow start to this conference which was much appreciated, as it gave me enough time to get there by train without any stress, and it also meant I got to have a wander around town and visit the Mud Crab for a burger.  Just looking at this burger is making me hungry.

Mud Crab burger


Mud Crab menuI had the 2nd Best Cheeseburger which was awesome.  I would be interested to see what a burger with a sugared doughnut tastes like, but I have a feeling it might make me a little sick.

After our delicious lunch, we walked up many hills to get the University of Sheffield for our welcome events.  We learnt a bit about Sheffield, about the two institutions, and what makes their relationship special.  It was a great start to the three days.

Outside the lecture theatre at Sheffield

Day two and three were over at Sheffield Hallam, and they genuinely fired me up for the year to come.  Sometimes, you find yourself enjoying a conference but not being able to translate what you learn into something useful for your job, but I made so many notes this time round.  So many ideas to implement to improve the student experience, and the quality of our data.

Sheffield Hallum atrium
Sheffield Hallam

I had another wander at lunch time to get some air (and a Starbucks) and found myself outside the Crucible.  I was bemoaning all the trucks outside as I couldn’t get a good photo, but I then realised they were probably there for the snooker.


Our conference dinner was at Cutler’s Hall which is a beautiful Georgian/Victorian building in town.  We had a brass band playing through our drinks reception in the Drawing Room, before our meal in the Main Hall.  It’s always nice to have a fancy-pants evening meal!

I would love to have spent more time in Sheffield, and I can see myself visiting again.  If only to have another Mud Crab burger.

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