Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Weekend

Tatty Devine boxesMy love for Tatty Devine has already been documented on this blog on a number of occasions.  I would buy pretty much everything on their website if I could.  Last year, I missed out on the sample sale and lucky dip weekend – I think I might have been on holiday or away for work or something – but this year, I was able to jump online as soon as the boxes went online.  YES!

“Each Lucky Dip Box contains a randomly chosen mix of pieces taken from over 13 years of collections, hand picked by our team and presented in a classic Tatty Devine box*. Every box is different so you never know what will be inside! Discover hidden gems, one-off samples and rare pieces. You’ll find classic out of production jewellery and very special hand selected seconds, too.”

I was super excited when the box arrived, because I am a ridiculous dork.

Lucky Dip boxOoo, it’s a good’un.  Awesome red glittery bow tie and matching ring, Tatty Devine postcard and plectrum bracelet.  A plectrum bracelet, man that’s good!  I remember being obsessed with their plectrum jewellery years ago but couldn’t afford it as a Young Person.  Now I finally own some!

Tatty Devine will run a swap shop on Facebook once everyone has received their boxes, and I’m tempted to have a look, maybe for the ring as I’m not really a ring person, but I’m equally happy keeping it all.

I only bought one box, which I am regretting this a little.  The other box in the photo was a little gifty Husband bought me last week.

Rob Ryan box
Oh hello, this is a fancy box

Rob Ryan necklaceA STUNNING gold Rob Ryan Each Kiss necklace.  I actually screamed when I opened the box.  Oh my goodness, I love it.  And bonus present – it came with a limited edition Rob Ryan print, signed by Rob, Harriet, and Rosie.  I need to find a frame for it and put it straight up because it’s so gorgeous.

There’s a sample sale at Tatty Devine next weekend, and it’s a good job that I’m going to be in The North because I really need to stop spending money on jewellery now.

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