Happy Birthday Tatty Devine

TD15eJudging by their most recent collection, I have had a mild obsession with Tatty Devine since 2001.  I was very excited when they launched their birthday collection, as it’d give me a chance to pink up some pieces I had missed out on when I was a poor twenty-something.  And even more excited when they announced a pop-up shop at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank.  My favourite!  I dragged Husband there on our anniversary trip.

I haven’t actually been in a Tatty Devine store which is a fact I find astounding – every time I’ve been near their Covent Garden shop, it’s either been closed or rammed full of people – so this is my first real experience of a shop.  Husband has been into their stores more than I have!  I loved looking at all the pieces, and the Russian Flower collection above looks so beautiful.  And I completely fell for the dalmatian necklace and brooch which I hadn’t seen before and has only just gone online – if I hadn’t taken a photo, I would have thought I dreamt it.

TD15cI’d already made my decision on what I was going to buy, but I had to get Husband to prevent me from buying more as I was quite drunk and my credit card could quite easily have slipped and bought more.  Fortunately for my bank balance, this didn’t happen and I happily left with a Cuckoo Clock brooch and Rabbit in a Hat necklace.  And of course I couldn’t say no to a TD15 tote bag to take it home in.

They’re running a charm workshop in the store over the rest of September and I’d love to go, but I’m not crafty at all so would only make a mess.  I’m happy to leave the necklace making to the experts.


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