Hit Me With Your Flashbulb Eyes


2014 marks the fourth consecutive year that I’ve complete Project 365.  I have missed two days in those four years (although Flickr has randomly deleted a bunch of photos from 2010 to make me look like a liar).  I’m so behind on printing them however – I need to get on Blurb and organise my 2013 and 2014 books.

When the calendar flipped over to 1st Jan, it didn’t even occur to me to stop taking photos, so I guess I’m all in for 2015 as well.  I did get quite lazy with some of my photos last year, and I’m going to try to use my phone less for next year (mainly because it’s not great quality).  I’ve also started using my Instagram more, so I’ll have more opportunities for taking photos.

I’ve reused the header mosaic from my 2014 review which has some of my photos, but these are some of my other favourites.

On to 2015!

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