We wend our way through the longest part of the day

Green Room2

Thursday felt like an insanely long day.  It was the penultimate day of Ryan, Tim, Husband, and my Work Week Hustle Fitbit Challenge and I was determined not to be last (Tim and Husband were in a whole other league to Ryan and I).  As it turns out, the 20,000 steps I did on Thursday nudged me firmly into third place so I was happy with that.

The day started with a trip to the University of Winchester for a very productive meeting (and a productive 3000 steps).  In the afternoon, I jumped back on the train into London.  I wanted to go to Selfridges to visit Tatty Devine, but South West Trains messed me about so much that I ran out of time.  I did manage to make it to Liberty though where I visited my favourite section of the store, Co Bigelow.  I credit their Mentha shampoo with curing the mild alopecia areata that I suffered from a couple of years ago, so wanted to stock up on some more.  Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to Liberty.

Liberty CoBigelow
Super cute neon!

After my mini-spree, I walked back down Regent Street to meet Tim at Leicester Square and we walked over to our newest favourite South Bank restaurant, The Green Room.  Tim had found an offer for BOGOF burgers, so it seemed a perfect place for our Christmas gift exchange.  The restaurant is full of props and recycled items from The National Theatre, great food, and very happy staff, and I very much enjoyed spritzing my vinegar onto my chips!

We both bought each other a book and an item very much South Bank based, purely coincidentally but it shows how well we know each other.  I already started reading my copy of The Secret History of Wonder Woman on the train on the way back, and my Mini Moderns tea towel with a print of the Royal Festival Hall’s carpet (long story) has taken pride of place in my kitchen.  I also got a bonus gifty of Adam and Joe’s XFM shows – WOO!

Husband had already warned me not to let Tim walk too far (they were engaged in their own step battle) so we only did one lap around Waterloo.  Also because my beautiful Nike x Liberty trainers were killing me.

I had a very good night sleep after my 10 miles.  And we’re all taking the week off challenges now.  Maybe a month.

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