Let me know, when you want to leave this island

NY2015_aI’ve always wanted to be one of those types of couples who book holidays on ridiculously short notice.  Just because they feel like it.  Child-free, time to spare – let’s just jump on a plane.

You may be surprised to hear that the topic of my next few posts is about that exactly.  Two Sundays ago, we found ourselves on the Delta website looking at flights for the following Saturday, giving us 6 days to prepare.  Husband and I have been suffering from the January blues (and I have been watching a lot of Sex and the City) so New York was booked.  After our last trip, I said “I would like to go back at some point as there is still so much I didn’t do“.  Well there still is so much I didn’t do for a couple of reasons, but I’ll get to that.

We loved our flight going out – 10.30am so not insanely early and there was barely anyone on the plane.  We had about 12 rows to ourselves and there was never a queue for the toilet.  Woo!  I always gets disproportionality excited about plane films, and watched Begin Again and  Love is Strange, which left me enough time to watch 4 episodes of Parks and Recreation, 2 of The Comeback, and 1 of Episodes (it felt like a long flight).  As we landed, we saw snow on the ground and I cheered – I was desperate for some snow (perhaps cursing our trip…).

Security at JFK has changed a bit since last year and they now have these finger print scanning machines which meant we didn’t have to queue at all.  We AirTrained to the Subway station with ease, only to have our plans scuppered by a Subway replacement bus service.  We hoped we were boarding the right bus, spent half an hour touring Queens, and then breathed a sigh of relief as we found the right subway at the end of the journey.

NY2015_bWe got to the hotel around 4, staying at the same Courtyard by Marriott as last year, unfortunately in a smaller room.  I thought I’d book the same as last year but alas no – we were only on the 7th floor so not even our view was as epic.  We showered, unpacked a bit, then grabbed a Starbucks from the store across the street and wandered about.  No real plan – it was just nice to be there.  We’d already decided to eat at McGees for dinner, just as we did on our first night last year, but it wasn’t as tasty for me this time.  I had sliders and and Husband had a regular burger but I skipped the HIMYM cocktail this time as I was too tired to be drunk.

We stocked up on M&Ms at the Duane Reade around the corner and snoozed whilst watching bad American TV.  Again, the same way we ended our first night last year.  We’re so predictable.

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