These streets will make you feel brand new

NY2015_cWe had such a beautiful walk on our second day in New York.  I woke up early and we were out of the room by about 9 wandering around 5th Avenue.  We had made plans to meet up Husband’s boss in a couple of hours right at the bottom of the island so slowly made our way downtown.

I completely fell in love with Greenwich Village and Tribeca.  Where we were staying was so busy with tourists and cars, but it was almost empty further south – so peaceful   We definitely want to stay here next time.  It was so nice to see people popping to the corner shop, walking their dogs, taking their children to the park.  Doing normal things instead of tourists randomly stopping to look at the sights.  I do appreciate that we were tourists as well, but sometimes it’s nice to imagine that you’re not.

We stumbled across a Jeff Koons – Balloon Flower (Red) which was super pretty.  A little early for lunch, we quickly visited the 9/11 Memorial and left before I openly berated the people taking selfies.  Lunch itself was great – burger and sweet potato fries at Bill’s Bar and Burger.  Very yummy.

After a good three hours of chatting, we walked the 4 miles back to Rockefeller Center to get to the Top of the Rock before sunset.  We crossed a street that the police had closed (finding out later that there had been a murder/suicide at the Home Depot!) but other than that, our walk up 6th and 5th Avenue was brisk and uneventful.  Last year, the view from the TOTR was very grey so we thought we’d try again.  It was marginally better, and we at least got a bit of a sunset.

NY2015_aAs Husband snapped away with his camera, I thought I’d connect to the Wi-Fi and was very surprised to see the following pop up on my Google Now:

Kinda terrifying.  The blizzard warning, not the exchange rate.

We stayed until it got too cold to even speak, and made our way back to the hotel stopping for a coffee and cake for dinner to warm up.  We then started freaking ourselves out by watching reports about the “Blizzard of 2015” about to hit New York.  There had been a bit of snow that morning but the news was predicting around 3 feet would fall on Monday.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that would be like.

Slightly stunned, we watched Brooklyn-99, Bobs’s Burgers, and Revenge in between scaring ourselves with the rolling news.

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