RIP Maccy (2011-2015) (possibly)


I was aiming to spend today blogging about yesterday’s art crawl, which was epic, but my plans were scuppered by a dick move I made last night during my Buffy rewatch/fajitas cook-along.

Blame tiredness, blame clumsiness, blame Buffy herself (I don’t think I can realistically blame Buffy though), but reaching for the kitchen roll kicked off a cataclysmic domino effect, ending with Fentimans cherry cola liberally covering my Macbook. I managed to hoik Maccy out of it, but it he still got pretty wet.

We left him drying by a dehumidifier overnight, took him apart this morning and couldn’t see any liquid damage on the important inside bits, but the track pad is buggered. I figured I could just use a separate mouse for now, but then the qwerty row stopped working. A pretty important row.

So he’s back in the drying room and I’m going to spend the day justifying buying myself a new Macbook whilst cursing my Nexus 7 for being so slow. This has already taken me about 3 hours to compose.

But this is what this post was supposed to be about. A little taster of things to come, whenever I get a working laptop.

God's Own Junkyard
God’s Own Junkyard

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