Tatty Devine Lucky Dip

TDLuckyDip1My day is always immeasurably improved by the arrival of a Tatty Devine box in the post.  Even more so if the box is one of their Lucky Dip selections because the contents are a complete surprise.  I bought my first Lucky Dip box last year and regretted only buying one so decided to get both a large and a small box this time around.

I did have a little bit of anxiety when buying the boxes as there wasn’t a “no pierced ears” option and I convinced myself that I’d get two boxes full of earrings.  As it turns out, I was worrying for no reason.

TDLuckydip2A TRAPEZE NECKLACE!  I am so happy!  I’ve had my eye on this piece for a while but have always been distracted by other bits.

The small box contained the Modern necklace, which was part of their Tate Modern collection; the smiley 90’s glasses; and the pink heart ring.  The large box had the trapeze necklace, the playing cards necklace, the shiny pink sequin necklace and the cat ring.

I can give or take the rings and the smiley glasses, but am super happy with the rest.  The only problem I have now is that boxes are still on sale – I’m going to have to hide my debit card for the next few days until they sell out.

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