The pleasure, the privilege is mine

Liquid Fire1The Southbank Centre is currently in the midst of their Festival of Love – a summer of music, art, and exhibitions culminating in a weekend of weddings at the end of August.  I would dearly love to get married on the South Bank (which, as this blog has established, is one of my favourite places in the world) but I’m already married, so I’ve settled for photographing every piece of neon they’re currently displaying.

Liquid Fire2Love and Liquid Fire is a exhibition of recent pieces from God’s Own Junkyard, a place I spent a blissful couple of hours at last month.  There are also ‘behind the scenes’ treats scattered around the Royal Festival too – a making of video, notes, and sketches.  I squeed with joy every time I turned around to find more neon in all the corners of the 2nd floor – they look glorious from the outside but even more amazing inside.  We awkwardly got in people’s way when photographing them, but it was totally worth it.

Liquid Fire3This is my favourite photo from my exploration, and yet another display of “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” art that Tim and I have stumbled across.  Just look at that arrow!  How perfect that would look on my bedroom wall, and it matches my Tatty Devine Fairground Lights necklace.  Someone buy it for me?

The beautiful neon is going to be at the Royal Festival Hall until 6th September – my other photos are in my God’s Own Junkyard album on Flickr.  I might need to visit every week.

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