If things would not turn out the way we planned

Vegas 2011
Vegas 2011

I’ve taken myself down a very dangerous path.

Husband and I are currently in the midst of planning a mini-trip for December.  We’ve been looking at Florida mainy, as we need a bit of sunshine and have never had a beachy holiday together – a nice relaxing break after our last trip to NY which was busy busy busy.

The problem we’ve found is that Florida is kinda expensive, at least the places I want to stay.  I’ve also completely fallen in love with Amelia Island which is reasonably priced, but the flights are crap.

So I’ve done something bad.  I’ve looked up prices for Las Vegas and have found a stupid deal for an amazing room and flight.  I very much regret doing this, because now I can’t get the beautiful panoramic suite at the Delano out of my head.

I haven’t been to my Vegas for four years now.  I sat on the tube with Tim a couple of weeks ago opposite a Las Vegas advert, telling him that I’m over it and am happy not to go back.  But it’s calling to me.  It’s calling to me and I don’t know that I’m strong enough to say no.

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