Not Another Bill review – July 15

NABJuly1I became convinced someone had stolen my Not Another Bill parcel this month (not just that – all the post as we haven’t had anything all week).  But phew, the post box was full Saturday morning.  I guess our postie had been storing it all up again.

NABJuly2Pictured with my favourite “World’s Best Something” mug full of pens (mainly eye liners), my gift this month was a reporters notebook from Belgian stationery store, Le Typographe.  A gorgeous little notebook, with every hipster’s favourite paper (gridded, natch) and a lovely pencil inside.  It is super nice, with a custom NAB cover and satisfying elastic binding around it.

And yet.

And yet I’m a teensy bit disappointed.  It is a beautiful item, and I now want to go to Le Typographe to buy All The Things, a store which looks like a Beneluxian Present and Correct – never a bad thing.  The notes that come with this month gift talk about the unique crafting that goes into their products, like the “heavyweight Heidelberg printing press” and all that is very much appreciated.  I just couldn’t help looking through the packaging to see what else was there.
NABJuly3I do love it though, and it will certainly get some use.

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