Will milk be made available to us?

Fernygrove1This weekend has been a weekend of food, well deserved after a quite stressful week at work.

On Friday, I attended a workshop at the lovely London South Bank University, so took advantage of being up in the city by going for dinner at Wahaca in Westfield.  The rain was horrendous, and in hindsight, Westfield on a wet Friday night wasn’t the most relaxing places to be, but their Vue was one of the only places left to see Jurassic World which was the other objective of the evening.

The less said about Jurassic World from me, the better.  I am not a fan. But Wahaca was as good as always, even if they have changed the sauce on my chicken tostada.

We had arranged to meet my parents for breakfast early on Saturday morning, but only got in from Westfield at 1am.  Again, hindsight is a wonderful thing.  We had to drag ourselves out of bed for the 40 minute drive but it was definitely worth it.

Fernygrove3My parents have got into a routine of treating themselves to breakfast on Saturdays, so have been travelling around various cafes and restaurants in Berkshire.  Their most recent find is Fernygrove Farm in Warfield, a working farm with shop and cafe in the grounds, and the photo at the top is the glorious view we had as we ate our breakfast.

I can see why Mum and Dad have gone back to Fernygrove on several occasions, as this was probably the best breakfast I’ve had.  It was perfect, and I think we have to make this a more regular occurrence.  We’ll just make sure we have an early night on the Friday next time

They also have two pygmy goats in the garden.  SO ADORABLE!

Fernygrove2And today, we braved the rain to go for lunch with my in-laws at our local.  I had a very yummy fish and chips, followed by a mini-brownie, so I hope this marks the start of a better week.

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