We are in this job for one reason – to say yes

Surrey1One of the most hated things to say to someone in my line of work is “it must be so nice to have the summer off with the students”.

Yes, it would be nice to have the summer off with the students.  But that just does not happen – in fact, the past two weeks have been some of the hellish weeks of my entire year so far.  The sigh of relief I breathed on Friday afternoon as I put one of my projects to bed was heard across the county.

July has essentially been a write-off, and it feels like I’ve been hibernating through most of it.  August is going to be when I start to come back to life including birthdays, a wedding, days up in London.  I’m still not going to be 100% back to normal as there is still quite a bit to do at work – including an office move in the next week or so which is going to put me in a mood – but I’m getting there.

However, there is one benefit to summer on a university campus – quiet lunch breaks.



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