It’s just busy work to make you feel like you’re contributing

Advent Calendars

My poor neglected blog.  I don’t want to fall into the trap of always having to start a post with an apology for not posting more frequently, but here we are.

Work is exhausting and when I’m not working, I’m sleeping.  I did manage to get to the cinema twice over the passed few weeks – once for Bond (meh) and once for Mockingjay (KATNISS!).  Mockingjay was as good as I wanted it to be and was better than expected.  I’d seen a lot of reviews saying it was dull but it wasn’t – it did keep me on my toes.  I re-read the book two days before which nicely refreshed me and they kept it fairly faithful.

Speaking of books, I’ll be doing my annual book review next month but I think I have my book of the year.  I recently finished the epic A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and it broke me.  Husband regularly looked up to find me sobbing, and I was left emotionally stunned by the ending.  Jude St. Francis might just be my most loved character ever.  If it wasn’t am insane number of pages, I’d go back and re-read the whole thing again.

So with December almost here, I have been told that my workload should suddenly drop once we get this statutory return done next week.  I’ve got BUG 49 in a couple of weeks, which will be followed by a screening of all three Richard Linklater’s Before… films giving me a very BFI weekend.  And then it’ll be time for us to go to Copenhagen for our holiday.  And then 2016!

Most importantly, it’ll soon be time to open up my two beauty advent calendars – one from Liberty and one from Marks and Spencer.  I have been waiting a long time for 1st December.

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