Not Another Bill – Sept, Oct, and Nov box (!)

NAB Sept 2015Wow, I have been slacking.  The last Not Another Bill post I made was for August’s surprise, and the last three months have just got away from me.

So September.  September was  my least favourite NAB gift of all time and I actually asked them if I could send it back – NAB were very gracious and offered to send something different, but I forgot to take it to the post office.  Oops.

Anyway, this is how the gift currently looks – a (quite hideous) Dalmatian stapler from Anthropologie.  I really really dislike it, which is why it’s still in the box.  If anyone wants it, give me a shout.  Please.

NAB Oct 2015October was much more up my street – a beautiful rose gold ring from designer Matthew Calvin.  Part of his Meteorite collection, it’s such a delicate piece, and really unusual.  I’ve already wishlisted most of his items.

NAB Nov 2015Which brings me to November, and the gift that I picked up from the post office yesterday.  What looks like a bit of a random selection from Meraki (Danish – WOO!) makes a bit more sense once you read the leaflet – what they’re calling an apothecary set for some ‘me time’, and perhaps a bit of hygge.  A lovely smelling sesame scrub soap, a jasmine and sandalwood candle – currently burning away on my coffee table – and a retro enamel bowl which I’m going to use for the soap.

I haven’t heard of Meraki before, so it’s nice to have yet another brand to look out for when I’m in Copenhagen next month.

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