Not Another Bill – September 2016 review

dsc_0678There are many pretty things on the Nach Bijoux website.  Lots of ceramic necklaces, rings, earrings, and some very lovely bags.

Unfortunately, Not Another Bill chose possibly one of the ugliest things on their website.

dsc_0682A crocodile letter opener.  It’s possibly even uglier than the Dalmatian stapler that I got this time last year.

So I’m sending this back.  And also cancelling my subscription.  I’ve had some great gifts over the course of my subscription, but I’ve also had some absolute crap.  I’m still on the lookout for a new subscription box service because I do love getting stuff in the post, but all I’m doing with NAB at the moment is collecting up a pile of junk.  Expensive, occasionally ugly junk.

5 thoughts on “Not Another Bill – September 2016 review

  1. I get a nail varnish subscription box. It’s great, except they send way too many bottles of orange. There AREN’T that many shades of orange. Give me blues and greens and purples goddamnit!

  2. funnily enough, this was one of my favourite things from NAB – and yes, I rather liked the doggie stapler too. Mostly because it was so ridiculous and over the top and had a slightly judgmental look on its face 😉 Completely impractical to use but he looks pretty cool on my desk.

    on the fence about my susbscription as well. I’ve liked 90% of what I’ve received but the items they’ve been creating under their own name these past few months are a bit disappointing. Beautiful workmanship, just a bit… boring.

    1. I agree – I really loved the collaborative nature of this subscription so I don’t know if it’d work as well with their own products.

      Glad you enjoyed the dog and croc though!

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