Christmas in Copenhagen – Kick-Down Christmas

The 27th doesn’t have a cute Danish name, which honestly, really messes with my holiday blog nomenclature.  However, we came to know the time after Jul as “Kick-Down Christmas” because everywhere we looked, decorations were being ripped down.  I quite like this concept – Christmas is over, kick it all down.

Øresund BridgeAnyway, as alluded to in my previous post, this was the second day that we would be spending somewhere other than Copenhagen.  And the second day of terrible weather. It was also the day that business began to pick up in the hotel – it had felt like we’d had the place to ourselves but we saw more and more people at breakfast.  I guess everyone was getting ready for New Year’s Eve.

It was another day on the trains for us, but this time it was east from Ørestad to Malmö in Sweden.  It still amazes me that you can just get on a train and be in another country in 30 minutes (yes, yes, I know – quite common in Europe).  The only delay was from the reinstated border checks at Hyllie where we had to show our passports to Swedish police.  Not sure how long they’re going to do this for, but other than that, it was super easy.

We were back on our way to Malmö central soon enough, and arrived just in time for it to pour down with rain.  We got soaked on our way to the Malmö Museum, only to find the exhibition we wanted to see was no longer running, so we dejectedly walked back into the town for a coffee.

Lilla Torg, MalmöAs it was a Sunday, there was no one about and none of the shops had opened yet, but this made it easier for us to find a table in Lilla Kafferosteriet for coffee and kanelbullar.  There was a noticeable difference in the Swedish voices around us as opposed to the Danish of the previous days.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on how or why, and I still had no idea what anyone was saying, but it definitely felt different.

Some of the shops were open once we were done with our fika but it was mostly the same stuff as in Copenhagen just with a slightly different exchange rate, so we wandered about for a bit appreciating the lovely Christmas decorations.

And then we found our way to this random building:

Saga Norén, Länskrim, MalmöI guess for most people, a crappy old hospital building isn’t particularly inspiring, but for Husband and I who are obsessed with The Bridge, we were stupidly giddy at being in front of Saga Norén’s office.  I’d already got a bit silly crossing the Øresund bridge earlier in the day and I was just as excited here, leaping about saying “Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö“.  Not wanting to be complete dorks in front of normal Swedish people, we only took a couple of photos, and then took the long route back to the railway station.

In hindsight, it was somewhat odd that we went all the way to Sweden for a cup of coffee and a photo of a hospital, but hey – I don’t judge your holidays.

Back on Danish soil, I had convinced Husband that Field’s Mall (an old haunt of mine), wasn’t like other malls.  Danish people didn’t go to it – they much prefer the individuality of the stores in the city centre, and every time I had visited, it was practically empty.  So on the way back to the hotel, I told him I just wanted to quickly pop in.

Well that was a mistake.  It was the first day of sales and it was INSANE.  I have never seen it so rammed full of people.  I could see the fear in Husband’s eyes so we quickly did an about-turn and decided to visit a bit later (brilliantly, the mall is open until 10pm most nights).  This allowed me some more precious nap time before dinner which was to be at a pizza place called Gorm’s just outside the mall.

Gorm’s is fairly new to Fields and I loved it.  Such beautiful pizza, and the cheapest meal we had our whole trip.  I really love how the restaurant was set up as well, with amphitheater style seating which I thought was inspired.  The only main negative we had was we couldn’t find where people were getting pizza cutters from.  I still have no idea.  It’s like there’s some secret society or something.

I did get my window shopping around the mall after dinner, and we were even back to the Sky Bar in our hotel in time for the final night of Christmas fireworks at Tivoli – we had a great view of them in the distance.  However my photos are terrible because I was a bit drunk on two espresso martinis which were delicious.  Delicious and oh so stimulating, which I would later regret as I tried and failed to get to sleep.

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