Christmas in Copenhagen – back to reality

ØrestadOur final day (morning, really) was the first cold day.  It was about 5°c outside, and fortunately not raining.  Oh, to have this weather for the whole trip – I could have worn my snow boots a lot more.

My Copenhagen trips used to follow to set formula for the last day:

  1. Lazy long breakfast
  2. Wander in either Magasin and/or Ilums
  3. Walk through Rosenborg Castle Gardens
  4. Baresso in Kongens Nytorv

This trip wasn’t much different – I am a creature of habit.  We did consider adding a stop at the DØP hotdog stand to the itinerary but we were still full from breakfast which was a rookie mistake.  Still regretting that.

Ilums tempted me with many pretty homeware items that I cannot afford, so after fondling a million very soft throws and putting a number of Ferm Living items on my wishlist, we headed out.  Although not before a quick nosey around Sephora (quick, but long enough for me to whine about the fact there isn’t a Sephora in the UK).

I even allowed Husband a visit to Lego, although you’d have to be crazy to actually buy Lego in Denmark due to the exchange rate so we left empty-handed.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens were as lovely as ever, and we were treated to the insane sight of a woman brushing her corgi out in the freezing cold, surrounded by birds who she then hand-fed with bird feed from her handbag.  We could not stop watching.  Husband (having never had a dog) was asking me if it was normal that someone brushes their dog in a park.  No.  No it is not.

And then it was time for our final jul latte in Baresso, where we managed to get a seat before hundreds of tourists appeared.  There were so many people, we couldn’t actually get out of the shop.  I think we got too cocky in assuming ‘our’ Baresso would always be quiet.

We were very sad to be leaving our perfect anti-Christmas bubble (although not before I was felt up by security as Kastrup airport.  Must find a nice non-wired bra for my next flight).  The airport itself was crazy busy – I guess now Christmas had finished, everyone was taking the opportunity to fly here, there, and everywhere.

As for me, I already started planning my next trip before we even landed.  Definitely somewhere warm next time though.

Bella Center metro

4 thoughts on “Christmas in Copenhagen – back to reality

    1. No 😦 There was one about 15 years ago but it went under (I think). I’ll have to keep going back to Copenhagen. Or America!

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