Not Another Bill – March 2016

NAB Mar16_1I’m struggling with this month’s gift.  Again.

NAB Mar16_3It’s an elaborately designed magnifying glass (again no collaborating brand).  Quite weighty, good optics (?).  Mine is actually filthy and covered in sticky stuff though – my hands were black after I put it together and you can see some of the black stuff in the above photo.  Goodness knows why.

However this gift perhaps does not fulfil the philosophy of not having anything in your house that isn’t useful or beautiful.  And it feels as though this has been a trend over the past couple of months.  Seeing as my new job title has the word Data* in it, I will take this opportunity to take a closer look at the numbers.**

NAB Graph

Yes, this is subjective and I don’t think the data will hold up to intense scrutiny from the International Standards Organisation but things are definitely going south.

Buuuuutttttt, I still like getting stuff in the post, and I haven’t yet found anyone else like Not Another Bill.  I am paralysed with inaction at the moment.  What a very middle-class conundrum.

NAB Mar16_2

*To be clear, my job is just to provide the data, I don’t analyse or visualise.  Which is clear from the above.
**See what I did there?

3 thoughts on “Not Another Bill – March 2016

  1. Part of me wants you to cut and run but I also have a morbid fascination seeing what new horror you get each week.

    This is not something I would ever imagine you owning.

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