There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things

Grand Central StationAfter almost three months, my Dad is out of hospital.  He still not fully well, but he is at least able to stay in his own house so we’re calling it a bit of a win.  There are certain phrases which I don’t ever want to say again however (a non-exhaustive list):

  • We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it
  • Let’s just take one day at a time
  • On the plus side…
  • We should see this as a good sign

Plus numerous other platitudes.

Whilst most of March followed the same pattern of nightly hospital visits, I was able to spend some time in the Midlands.  OK, so it was for a work conference and it was mainly long seminars on policy and best practice, but I was able to escape to Birmingham for a bit with my co-worker.

I love Birmingham.  The last time I went, they were still building the new Grand Central station so it seemed careless not to visit.  After getting lost around the roadworks for a bit, we finally parked the car.  We walked around the Bullring for a bit, and I peer-pressured my co-worker into buying some shoes.  Selfridges is always a winner, and I was able to try out the Nars foundation I’ve read so much about.  I didn’t do too much shopping there though, as we’d stopped at Bicester on the way up where I may have spent a lot of money on my very first Kate Spade bag (no regrets – the bag is gorgeous).

The station itself is just amazing.  It’s what Waterloo should be – huge, spacious, so many shops.  The John Lewis was full of covetable items, and I am quite glad I don’t have to commute through the station as I would never be able to get home without spending a lot of money.

There are loads of places to eat at the station, but I was desperate for some Mexican food so we stopped by Tortilla for some tacos which were delicious and covered in guacamole.

Tortilla tacosIt doesn’t sound like a lot, but an evening of shopping and Mexican food was just enough to get me through the month.

Up next is another conference, lots of training seminars for my new job, trips to see art, and then HOLIDAY!

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