Sniffle sniffle snuffle

Loughborough UniversityNormal blogging service will resume at some stage. Probably when I start doing things again (believe me, I’m going to blog the shit out of my Miami trip).

I get a week off work for Easter, and it was mainly spent watching American Crime Story, eating Hotel Chocolat sale eggs, and window shopping for holiday clothes. A trip to Loughborough University followed for some work fun, and whilst they had a very pretty building or two, I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to visit the town any time soon. Although I did discover the Costa Mint Choc Chip Cooler there, which is AMAZING and I plan to drink a lot of over the summer.

One bit of excitement over the Easter break was winning a prize in a Present and Correct competition.  P&C is one of the best shops in London (I am surely due another visit there) and whilst my win was mainly down to being on Twitter at the right time, I was still a bit giddy.  I never win anything!

My prize?  A beautiful set of Dutch stamps from 1967.  I have genuinely no idea what to do with them, but I love them!  How cute is that hedgehog?!?

P&C prize

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