Not Another Bill – April 2016 review

Nab Apr16_aUh, Sophie Conran, have you been reading my Not Another Bill blog posts?  The above quote was essentially the theme of my March 2016 review.  And the good news is, April 2016 item is 200% more useful than last month and a smidgen more beautiful.

Nab Apr16_bIt’s a lovely pair of secateurs, a collaboration between Sophie Conran and Burgon and Ball.  Stainless steel with a brass lock, and really comfortable to hold.  OK, so I’m not a big fan of gardening but:

  1. Sophie Conran!  You cannot go wrong with a Conran.  You just can’t.
  2. NAB make the point that these are multi-function – not just for the garden
  3. The gift has given me another website to buy presents for my Mum and Mother-in-Law.

The only negative is that my ones seem a bit worn – I don’t know if this is just the way they’re made, but there’s a couple of nicks in the side.  I’m assuming that these aren’t second hand?  They did come in a lovely box though.

Nab Apr16_cThe little leaflet at the back has a voucher code for a free vase from Bloomon which I totally would have taken advantage of, but it’s only for people who live in the M25.  BOO!

Still, another reprieve for my NAB subscription.

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