It’s official, you’re fantastic

IAmAcrylic_1I have been waiting to post this for weeks.  It’s my adorable I Am Acrylic collection which has a couple of recent additions.

I fell in love with them a couple of years ago.  Ruth and Brendan’s designs are so iconic and I dragged Husband into Hannah Zakari‘s shop in Edinburgh when we visited in 2015 for my first piece – the little mountain necklace on the left.  Soon afterwards, I snapped up the Southbank Centre necklace.  It’s one of my favourite places in London, so this necklace definitely belonged at home with me.  And then to Brighton this year to buy the limited edition winter sparkle necklace from the Unlimited Shop.

My latest purchases are the glorious Seaside Sunset necklace and that beautiful building in the middle.  It’s not as recognisable as some of I Am Acrylic’s other designs like Battersea Power Station, I’ll give you that.  In fact, I’d be very surprised if anyone knows what it is, and I’m very sad to say that this item isn’t even staying with me.

IAmAcrylic_2It’s going off to Tim, my BFF – it’s a perfect (in my opinion) replica of his apartment building.  I had the idea a while ago, and approached Ruth from IAA about a month ago as I thought it would make a great birthday present.  I had a vague idea in my head how I wanted it to look – blocky, curvy, and a bit abstract – and I think it was encapsulated beautifully.

Working with IAA was a dream – Ruth regularly kept me in the loop, sending me lots of inspiration, colour ideas, photos of paper mock-ups.  It was made into a piece of “Wallery – because it’s like jewellery for your wall” – it is a bit of a pain that Tim isn’t a necklace person as I think this would look amazing on a long chain but it works as Wallery too.

IAmAcrylic_3Plus I got the cute little sailboat badge as well!

I’m writing this before I’ve handed it over to Tim, but I hope he’ll like it.  I’ll have to post his reaction on Instagram.

And now I can’t stop thinking of more things to get the IAA treatment.  Sadly, I live in a very boring square house so I don’t think that would look that appealing as necklace but surely I can find something else to commission.

Thank you I Am Acrylic – you are the loveliest people ever!

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