We’re all alone in our own universe

Strøget at Christmas, CopenhagenAs woman whose normally high emotional level is even higher at the moment, I’m sure you can imagine that every little thing has the potential to lead to tears right now.  To say that I’m fragile is  bit of an understatement.  However the decision that 51.9% of my country made earlier this week has utterly devastated me.   I really don’t know how I managed to get myself into work on Friday as I was just completely shellshocked.

I’ve have never felt particularly proud to be British or English.  Not ashamed, but just not patriotic at all (growing up, I would have given anything to be Scandinavian, not British).  However I have always felt proud to be European.  The diversity of culture from north to south, east to west, the history, the art.

So despite the fact that I am now being dragged out of Europe kicking and screaming along with 48.1% of my fellow Brits, I will always call myself European.  I can’t begin to imagine not being European.

And yes, the title of this post is from a Eurovision song.  Hell knows what I’ll do if we get kicked out of that as well.

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