Not Another Bill – July 2016 review

NAB July16This month’s NAB present is very cute.  I really don’t think I can do it justice however, mainly because I am not good with fiddly little things.

NAB July16_2I’ve been aware of Another Studio for a while, since the good old days of the Domestic Sluttery blog.  Their MONUmini’s are iconic of course, and we own a tiny Battersea Power Station made by Husband’s fair hands.  I love everything they do.

NAB have decided to send subscribers the AS Plantini, a collaboration with Glaswegian model makers, Finch & Fouracre.  It’s a mini Victorian planthouse, with a set of viola seeds and soil which reminds me a bit of the palm house in Sefton Park and looks really impressive on the box.

NAB July16_3In reality, it’s a bit less impressive.  It’s tiny for one thing (to be fair to them, they do make the size very clear but the box is way bigger than the actual planthouse so it gave me the completely wrong impression), and I just couldn’t seem to bend it right.  You can see that the top isn’t quite attached to the walls, and the walls are bigger than the actual soil dish.  I know I’m not good at little complicated builds, but I did try!

I’m also not entirely convinced that I won’t kill the plants either, but I’ll give it a go.

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