Project 365 – 2017

I’ve been taking a photo every day for 7 years now.  I’ve managed to train myself so that it feels weird not taking a photo – I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll get to the end of a unremarkable day so I take a panic photo, but at least the photo is representative of the day!

Instagram has definitely helped, but I have got very lazy in relying on my phone – I must make more of an effort with my camera, so I might treat myself to a new lens this year.  Picking out my favourite memories from the year was a little hard as I don’t think I’ve had a particularly memorable 2017, but let’s look back.

January started slowly with a new Eve mattress and my very first Grensons, plus a work trip to Birmingham.  I did have a lot of work trips this year, but nothing as epic as the one in February – over to Florida for an amazing conference which is possibly my favourite thing from the whole year.  I followed this up with a couple of days in New York where I did nothing but blissful shopping.  I finished my management course in March with a lot of typing and spent a two weeks on my own as it was Husband’s turn to be away for work.  April saw two mini-breaks to Brighton and I faced my professional fear of presenting in front of an entire lecture theatre full of sector peers.  Boy, was I nervous.

Back over the Atlantic in May for a family trip to Miami where I introduced my Mum to Surfside – of course, she loved it.  June was fairly uneventful (I’m ignoring the general election) but I managed to continue the Miami vibe by seeing Footloose in beachy themed room in Liberty.  We aroused suspicion again by going to the USA for a third time as we visited New York for the 4th July – they love their fireworks.  And August was the month we bought a new car (although he didn’t arrive for another few months).

The start of semester in September is always crazy busy, but I managed to fit in a Richard Ayoade talk and a couple of back stage tours on the South Bank.  October introduced us to our new garden fox, Little Lord Stinky Butt but was also the start of my epic cold which is still lingering now.  I fell in love with Dungeness in November, and we collected our new baby (our Audi Q3, Murdock).  And the less said about December the better, what with all the sneezing and coughing (oh my god, the endless coughing).

And onto 2018 – hopefully with significantly less coughing.

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