September 2018 Things

September started with a mini-break, ended with a mini-break, but with a healthy dose of Freshers’ Flu in between.  Classic.

10th Anniversary
This September saw my 10th work anniversary, and when I think about how far I’ve come, it’s a little astonishing to me.  My very first week saw me stood at the door to the Main Hall (above) handing out Registration forms for the new starters, literally no clue what was going on or anything about my Institution.  Exactly 10 years later found me back in the hall, but with one fairly big difference – this year, I was in charge.  I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to have me run the operations side of things, but we did manage to get through about 5500 students largely without incident, so go me!  I did get some dirty looks from the staff who did not like my music choice (there is nothing wrong with 6 Music!) but on the whole it went really well.

And now to start planning for September 2019.

Spa treat
My Mum treated us both to a spa day at the Macdonald Berystede hotel for my birthday, and the only time they had when she booked was conveniently at the end of Registration week.  I really appreciated being able to relax after being on my feet all week.

I’ve been to plenty of spas but never for a ‘spa day’ so it was so nice to experience the facilities at the Berystede, which included a “thermal suite”.  I was very excited by this – different saunas, a salt room, a steam room, a cold room (my favourite) and two fancy showers.  We were then on a Sunday afternoon and we had the whole thermal suite to ourselves – my Mum loved the salt room, and the heated loungers were so relaxing.  We’re already planning our return visit.

TK Maxx bargains
I am partial to a rummage in the TK Maxx beauty aisle, and September saw me visiting several times a week because I kept finding amazing things.  Sachajuan conditioner, Skin Laundry cleansers, Byredo perfumes, Bosica face masks.  So many good things.  Not only that, but they’ve also had a huge shipment of the Tatty Devine homeware, so I have cleaned my local store out of that as well.  I haven’t been in for a week or so, so I should probably plan a visit for this week…

Crazy Rich Asians
I read the book last month when the film was released in the USA purely because of the hype.  I enjoyed reading it, and loved the different perspective it showed me, so planned a trip to the cinema with my BFF.  He took me to the Picturehouse Central, where we sat in the comfy seats of the sold-out theatre amongst a crowd who loved it.  It was such a great atmosphere to watch the film in, with laughs, tears, and cheers for Rachel and Nick.

It is a fluff film but it was refreshingly fluffy, and definitely cemented my desire to visit Singapore next year.  And get a pink Audi R8 like the one Peik Lin drove.

Strictly Come Dancing
September is when Strictly fever takes hold in the Untold Blisses household (BFF was disgusted when I told him I couldn’t see Crazy Rich Asians on a Saturday evening because I needed to be home in time for the live show).  I haven’t yet decided who I am supporting, but I always enjoy watching Katya’s and Oti’s choreography, and how both Pasha and Gorka dance.  I’m looking forward to spending the next dozen Saturday nights on the sofa!

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