October 2018 Things

Okay, okay – I know it’s the 15th November and I still haven’t posted my favourites from last month.  I’ve had a busy few weeks so have got myself a little behind on posts, but it would bother me if skipped October, so let’s get going.

Celtic Manor
I have almost certainly included the Celtic Manor on a monthly favourites before, but we managed to do something a little different on this trip.  We normally order room service (eating burgers in your PJs is bliss) but we decided to get properly dressed up to eat at Steak On Six this time round – it was a very meaty dinner, but so tasty.  It’s the first restaurant I’ve been to which offers a selection of knives – who knew there were so many types of knife!

Simba Bed
We’ve had an Eve mattress for a while now, and it’s honestly the best thing we’ve ever bought for our house.  So ridiculously comfortable, but I felt that our old bed frame (bought from a supermarket in a Christmas sale about 8 years ago for £50) wasn’t doing it justice.  Enter the Simba bed – yet another bed bought in a sale, albeit for considerably more than £50 – which has turned out to be the second best thing we’ve ever bought for our house.  The headboard is a sophisticated grey which wouldn’t look out of place in a Scandi drama, and matches perfectly with out already grey bedroom.  Every night has been even more blissful than before.

Working From Home
We’re trying out something new in the office, so every Thursday, I work from home.  I love it.  My commute to work has become so stressful so having one day off from the painful drive is enough to reduce my blood pressure.  I can start working at 8am and get a lot done without my phone constantly ringing.  I do miss having two monitors so I don’t think I could be at home every day (or could I…).

Excessive relaxation
I did some overtime during Registration last month, so decided to take TOIL and have a facial at the Purcell Rooms in a nearby village, a hair salon with a beauty room for Aveda treatments.  I chose the 90 minute facial which was such a treat, and featured massages for my feet, hands, shoulders, and head.  It also had a heated bed.  Heavenly.

Museums and Cake
It’s my new routine for London museums – follow them up with baked goods.

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