Happy birthday to my Mum!


Today is my lovely Mum’s birthday, and she’s off on holiday so I won’t see her.  Hopefully, she’ll read this though (or perhaps my Dad will read it to her from his iPad).

I couldn’t actually wait until the day to tell her what I bought for her.  It’s always been a standing joke that my Mum is terrible at keeping a birthday secret.  One great memory is my 18th birthday where she tried to make me guess what my present was – “Go on guess.  Guess.  Guess”.  I wasn’t playing, so she blurted out “It’s a ring!”

And now it appears she’s rubbed off on me as I had to tell her last week that I’ve bought us Riverdance tickets for their 20th anniversary tour.  Yes, I’m a Riverdance fan.  Shut up.  My Mum and I have been going to see Riverdance since I was 15 years old (and I just want to make it clear we have never seen Michael Flatley – ugh).  It’s our thing – the lights go down, the music comes on and we both get chills.  We did invite my brother along for one visit, but 99% of the time, it’s just me and my Mum.

So happy birthday to the best Mum ever!  I cannot wait until next year!

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