Happy birthday in a hot bath

I don’t quite know how I managed it, but I convinced Husband to go to the Celtic Manor for his birthday this year.  We visited a lot last year – it felt like every time they emailed with a special offer, we booked up, and we even spent our anniversary there.  To say I’ve become obsessed is a bit of an understatement.

We had planned to continue the visits this year, but time has got away from us and we found ourselves in August without having made a trip into Wales.  Fortunately, we managed to find some time in amongst Husband’s many overseas business trips and spent another wonderful afternoon, evening, and morning in one of their signature rooms.

You can’t go wrong with a signature room – gorgeous huge bed, marbled bathroom, Elemis toiletries, and turn down service.  I wouldn’t want to stay in any other room.

We booked afternoon tea as treat – another great reason to visit.  Last year, we had winter themed tea, so it was fantastic to try the summer version with inventive and tasty sandwiches, savouries, and cakes.

The Prosecco was an added bonus.

After tea, I managed to fit in a 50 minute Elemis facial at the Forum Spa which came with a shoulder, arm, hand, and scalp massage.  I love the treatment rooms at the Forum Spa as you can truly relax without noise coming from other rooms.

A stay on the signature floor gives you access to a lounge with yet more free Prosecco, and also delicious cocktails like my Raspberry Swizzle.  It was so good, it gave me an instant hangover.

We decided to order in room service because we didn’t feel like putting fancy clothes on, although there are so many restaurants to choose from.  We ate burgers and fries as the sun went down, followed by a lovely bath with the Elemis products, before falling asleep in front of the Hunger Games on TV.  We had a blissful sleep, and woke in plenty of time for the delicious signature breakfast.

And they’ve already sent another discount code for a return stay.  Can’t wait to go back.

Newport Street Gallery

NSG_4Husband had a birthday last week and to celebrate, we visited Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery.  I first learnt about the gallery’s opening from the Present and Correct Twitter feed (how hipster), and was super excited to learn that their summer exhibition was Jeff Koons.  He has so many collections that I just love – Inflatables, Celebration, and his shiny balloon animals.  Newport Street had a couple of pieces that I have seen before, and a couple that I haven’t so I suggested to Husband we scheduled this in for his birthday.

To be clear, I didn’t bully him – he wanted to see them too, although he is less of a fan than I am.  I sweetened the deal by buying him brunch at Pharmacy 2 as well.

The gallery itself is such a beautiful space – huge white rooms, lots of light, and gorgeous stairwells.  I loved that it’s in such an inconspicuous area – just underneath the train line going into Waterloo.  It’s so unassuming.  And free entry!

Koons’ art was of course as I expected – 6 galleries full of giant pieces, steel and aluminium, iconic pieces, and rude paintings that can’t be discussed in polite society, spanning over 30 years.

You genuinely want to touch them (curse you, sign!) and examine them from all angles to admire the craftsmanship.  I didn’t manage to get a photo of the slightly less phallic view of the blue monkey, so apologies for that.  I still have so many more pieces that I haven’t seen in real life though, so I’m going to have to keep an eye out to tick them off my Jeff Koons bingo card.

After art came food at Pharmacy 2 on the 1st floor.  We had booked for brunch, although we might have been able to get away chancing it as it wasn’t too busy when we got there.  I had the most alcoholic cocktail I’ve ever had which immediately got me giddy, and followed it up with glorious Belgian waffle and bacon.

Pharmacy 2 went all in with the branding, from the pill bar stools to the drugs cabinet at the back.  The wait staff were really friendly, and it was a really relaxed meal – I’m definitely going back for some more brunch.

And after food came the shop, which is technically next door.  Still very much drunk, I completely fell in love with a Damien Hirst print called Proctolin.  If I had anywhere near that limit on my credit card, I would have walked out with it.  It doesn’t look much online, but up close it’s so GLITTERY – one day, that print will be mine.  The shop is awesome and we were tempted by some Jeff Koons Banality crockery which was very reasonably priced.  Maybe next time.

It’s always tea-time

OXO2015_4The final day of my Birthday Bonanza 2015 was my actual birthday, which tradition dictates is spent with my beautiful Husband.  The day started off emotionally, as I unwrapped a brand new Macbook Pro and immediately burst into tears.  Husband says he just wanted his Bluetooth keyboard back after my disaster earlier this year but I was really not expecting it and felt very overwhelmed.  Now, the long task of transferring my entire Photo album over to the new laptop begins.  I do have quite a lot of photos…

I messed around on the laptop for a bit before we set off for Not Afternoon Tea at the Oxo Tower.  The Oxo Tower has fast become my favourite restaurant in London – I’ve been there a few times now, and this was out second time having Not Afternoon Tea.  It was just as perfect as the first time.  I had wanted to sit outside but it was so very wet – we got a table by the window though so that’s the next best thing.

Once again, we decided to take advantage of their special “Experience” menu, which this summer was Alice in Wonderland themed.

This was our first course:

OXO2015_1We had Drink Me virgin pina coladas which had chocolate labels that we peeled off to eat.  The rocks in the middle were like M&Ms only way more delicious.  Finally, the Eat Me cakes were red velvet and GORGEOUS.

OXO2015_2The cocktails arrived next – above is Husband’s Nutslide: “Koko Kanu, Absolut Vanilla vodka, PX sherry and almond milk. Shaken with a pinch of smoked salt” which was insanely chocolatey.  I had a Victory: “Chartreuse, cointreau, blackcurrant and apple juice, charged with soda water”.  It.  Was.  Strong.  I kinda want another one right now.

OXO2015_3And then the main event – the cakes.  I was surprised when Husband ordered exactly the same as me as he’s not really a chocolate fan and the Chocolate Classic plate was very chocolatey.  Chocolate orange pavé, Black Forest sundae, salted caramelia almond stack and chocolate coconut mousse.  Every single one was amazing.  It’s funny – it really doesn’t look like a lot of cake, but I was already full by the second piece.

After the empty plates were whisked away, we were served a Golden Afternoon cocktail out of a teapot (which I didn’t get to photograph) with a gingerbread pocket watch.  I actually don’t remember much about the ingredients of the cocktail- I think it was Hendricks gin with jasmine tea?  What was really cool was the dry ice, which gave the effect of steam coming out of the teapot.  I really want the tea set though, despite the fact I don’t actually drink tea and would never use it.


And if that wasn’t enough to put you in a sugar coma, we got two boxes of sweets to take home.

Our next trip to the Oxo Tower will be less sugary, but we’ll definitely be doing their Not Afternoon Tea again after that.

I was thinking about shopping. As per usual.

Liberty1Day two of my Birthday Bonanza was spent shopping in London with my Mum.  She tends to go to London with my Dad, and he always has specific shops he wants to visit so she doesn’t get to wander around aimlessly.  This was my chance to give her a bit of an aimless wander.

We started at Cafe Nero in the Oxo Tower after a short train journey into Waterloo, where we sat and planned our route.  First up, we need to find an emergency short-sleeved top for Mum as it had suddenly got very warm.  Top purchased from a popular high street store, we walked up Regent Street towards Liberty, my favourite shop in the world.  After lusting after some beautiful bags (Hello Mulberry!), we went into the beauty hall as she wanted to buy me some Co Bigelow goodies for my birthday.

Every few months, I treat myself to the Mentha shampoo and conditioner as it’s the next best thing to my dream conditioner – their lavender and peppermint range which you cannot get in the UK.  I grabbed my substitutes, picked up some of their chapped hands remedy, and then very loudly gasped.  THEY HAD THE DREAM CONDITIONER.  Embarrassingly, I had gasped so loudly that I attracted the attention of the sales assistant, so I had to explain why I was acting like an immense dork.  She smiled politely, and I’m sure she very subtly started to back away.  I was happy though.

Liberty2All of these products are amazing, especially the Chapped Hands Remedy which has already fixed my very dry hands when every other moisturiser has failed me.  I wish I lived in New York as I would be in the Co Bigelow store every week.

We wandered around Liberty from top to bottom, wishlisting many items and planning my perfect home.  I was quite disappointed that I didn’t see anyone from the Liberty TV series, but it was good to see the rug department was just as it was on TV.  Chocked full of rugs.

After Liberty, I very quickly popped into Lush to buy some Comforter shower gel (fortunately, it’s right by the door, so I barely had to go in the shop), and we stopped by the Benefit counter in Boots for some eyebrow advice.  We then fought through the Oxford Street crowds to visit House of Fraser and Selfridges – I really don’t like Oxford Street and it’s a massive pain that Selfridges is located on it.

We decided to head back at this point, and I gave my Mum the option of Tubing it to Waterloo, but she was happy to walk so we nipped down one of the side streets for a bit of peace and quiet, stumbling across Fenwicks in the process.  After a brief browse, Mum decided she needed another coffee and fortunately we found an empty Eat in St George Street – despite the building works opposite, it was remarkably tranquil.

We managed to get all the way to Charing Cross station when it started to rain, so took the Bakerloo line the rest of the way.  I think that’s fair though – my Fitbit said we’d done 9 miles so it was only fair that I gave her a bit of a rest.  She did very well (although I’m sure she slept all of Sunday).

Stop your ginger nonsense

Odeon GreenwichA couple of years ago, Tim introduced me to a great birthday tradition – the Birthday Bonanza.  His greatest Bonanzas go on for weeks, but mine tend to last for three days, the first of which was this Thursday evening up on the Greenwich Peninsula.

I wanted to see Trainwreck and knew Husband didn’t have much of an interest so demanded Tim accompany me.  Despite the fact it only came out a couple of weeks ago, London had all but given up on screenings, but we found a couple of 6.30 showings in Greenwich.  Coincidentally Tim’s local area so I got a lovely guided tour of the mismatched apartment blocks on the way to the circular Odeon.

Armed with my NUS card (perk of the job), I marched my way in, spotting that I could get discount on popcorn and soda.  This unfortunately got me into an argument with the sales assistant who seemed horrified at the thought of giving me – clearly not a teenage girl – student discount on food.  After stomping off to speak to her manager, she conceded, even more so when the advert behind her flipped around to show the actual offer.  Mardy does not begin to describe it.

Odeon weren’t on to a great start with us, and things didn’t improve when a big chuck of the screen was obscured.  Good job Trainwreck doesn’t have subtitles.  And they left the door open which is one of my cinema pet hates.  Cute theatre though – three rows of seats, and everyone seemed really into the film.

On the subject of the film, I loved it.  Admittedly, we were counting instances of racism and homophobia (8 mentions each) and some of it was stomach-wrenchingly gross (John Cena’s naked body – I’m talking about you) but it made me cry with laughter.  I love Amy Schumer and Bill Hader anyway, but the two of them together were hilarious.

And Tilda Swinton.  WOW.  I love how she plays a normal woman, and yet she looks so unsettling.  I love this quote from her:

Yes, the Tandoori tan. That’s probably the most heavily disguised I’ve ever been, in my life. Forget The Grand Budapest Hotel or Snowpiercer. And yet, there are women walking around the streets right now, looking like that. It’s a desired look, apparently. It was great fun.

She’s an absolute goddess.

There were a few sports references that went over my head, but maybe that was put in to appeal to the males – I didn’t get those bits.  I did love the insane amount of cameos from comedians and actors that I knew from all over the place.  I really want to see it again, if only to memorise the dance sequence.  Any film that ends with a dance sequence is a winner.

Ceylon PlaceAfter the film, I managed to not get in any other arguments with the staff and we wandered back to North Greenwich tube, stopping to admire this row of 8 houses in the middle of nowhere.  As I have since discovered, Ceylon Place is a row of 200 year old worker cottages, and features in the Blur video for Parklife – I want to live there.  There’s something about a uniform row of houses that really appeals to me.

After a quick stop off for some Five Guys fries, and a glimpse of the fireworks off in the distance for the Tall Ships Festival, it was time for me to get back on the tube.  Before I went, Tim gave me my birthday presents – Whip It by Shauna Cross, a pristine copy of the Adam and Joe book, and a print of Nancy from The Craft by my tattooist, Jessi James.  All of which I LOVE.

Day one of the Bonanza – 5/5, would recommend.

Friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.

Duck and Waffle1

About two months ago, I set myself a reminder to go online and book a table for the Duck and Waffle to celebrate Husband’s birthday.  I knew from previous attempts at getting a table that the booking opened two months in advance and tables got booked up really quickly – I went online at about 10am back on the 15th of June and they almost had nothing left!  It felt extraordinarily elaborate at the time, but I hoped it would be worth the wait.

I think this photo demonstrates just how worth it our visit was.

Duck and Waffle4Yeah, I went all out.

Situated on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in the City of London, the Duck and Waffle is one of those restaurants with an obscure dress code (“casual elegance”) and enough trendiness to intimidate me a little.  I think I freaked Husband out with how anxious I got – should I wear this dress/these shoes/what if they don’t like tattoos?  I was convinced that we’d get there, all sweaty and hot after the walk from Waterloo, and the doorman would just shake his head at us and point us out the door.

I overreacted somewhat as every single member of staff we spoke to was lovely.

Duck and Waffle7The entrance is an unassuming doorway on Bishopsgate with no real presence on the ground – you immediately walk into a lift lobby to wait for the lift to whizz up the 40 floors.  I couldn’t decide to look up (as in my photo) or out as you don’t really get time to do both.  Husband meanwhile was almost crouched in the corner, as he has a fear of heights particularly in glass lifts.  I felt quite mean taking him in one for his birthday.

We were very lucky to get a window seat overlooking north/north-east London, not quite the ‘best’ side of the building which had views of the Gherkin, but I was excited to have any view.  I spent most of my time watching the people wandering in out of Liverpool Street Station.

Duck and Waffle2As for the food, it was amazing.  I had the Full Elvis – “pbj, bananas brûlée, chantilly cream, all the trimmings” and as soon as the waiter put it on the table, I regretted it.  It was so BIG.  I’d seen photos online and thought I could handle it, but this seemed a lot bigger than the photos.  It was truly a thing of wonder though, and because there was lots of fruit on it, I could pretend it was healthy.  It was the first time I’d ever had pbj, and it tasted quite nice actually.  I think I can safely say this was the best waffle i have ever had.

Duck and Waffle3Husband took a while to decide what he wanted, and at one point was leaning towards the Colombian eggs, but I told him it would be a mistake not to have the duck and waffle.  So he did – “crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup”.  He could quite happily have ordered two as he enjoyed it so much.  We both had mimosas as well (a little pricy, but it was a birthday treat) and some incredible bread to share.

I wasn’t able to finish mine.  The shame.  I can’t believe I thought I’d be able to order a desert, but I was planning on trying their chocolate brownie.  That was not going to happen.  Husband could only manage a latte, which came with this adorable arrangement:

Duck and Waffle6He was quite embarrassed, although pleased that our waiter said he was “18 today”.  It was a lovely touch.

We spent two hours in the Duck and Waffle, partly because we couldn’t get the waiter’s attention to get the bill, but it wasn’t horribly busy and cramped so we didn’t mind at all.  Husband was mainly putting off going back into the lift for as long as possible.  There is so much more food to try so we’re thinking about putting in another booking for two months time.  I’ll need to set a reminder on my phone.

I spent the rest of this afternoon messing about with tilt shift effects.  Look, so cute!!

Duck and Waffle5

Happy birthday to my Dad!


Today is my Dad’s birthday, and much like on my Mum’s birthday, my parents are off on holiday (they’re not even retired yet – I don’t know how they have so many holidays!) so I’m not going to see him.  I did give him a call this morning, and he gave me a quick run down of his day – Tom Cruise film in the morning (no, really), feeding the doggies at lunch time, and generally chilling out whilst waiting for my Mum to finish work, before setting off for their holiday cottage this evening.

My Dad is usually quite impossible to buy presents for, but a couple of months ago, I found the most perfect thing in a shop in London.  I bookmarked it in my mind, intending to go back and get it closer to his birthday.  Of course, the bloody shop doesn’t have a proper online store, so I’m still wrangling with them to try and figure something out.  Typical.  However, I did get him some trusty Amazon vouchers, which he’s told me he’s going to put towards a “Nikon P520 or railway”.  Yes, railway.  I’m not entirely sure what he means by that – perhaps he’s planning on running a train company or something.

Anyway, happy birthday to my beard-growing, CSI-watching, video gamer Daddy!

Birthday Bonanza – Day Three

The first part of Day Three started at work, but I could make it through the day because I had BFF, Burgers and Bitching waiting for me in London.

BFF and I met at Covent Garden where I marched him down to the Shake Shack.  I’ve wanted to try this place since it opened a couple of months ago – being an Americanophile, I’ve watched with interest as American burger places have starting making their way over here but wanted to wait until the queues died down before trying the Shake Shack.

There are a lot of whingy Brits complaining all over the internet about the Shake Shack, and I think they’re just being horrible snobs for the sake of it.  No, it’s not fine dining, but neither does it promise to be.  I genuinely loved the food, and thought the location was great.

First of all, you queue up to order.  I went for the Shack Burger, Fries, and a coke.  BFF (or Jim as he was later called) had the Shack Stack, Cheese Fries, and coke.  In hindsight, it was quite a lot of cheese.  They take your name and give you a buzzer to let you know when it’s ready, so you can then go over and find a table.  Monday seemed a good night to go as there was plenty of free tables.  I think it could be quite chaotic on a weekend.


Whilst we waited, I got to open my present which was AMAZING.  He’d made a book of one of our in jokes and it looks so ridiculously professional.  I showed husband when I got home and he giggled away to himself.  Check all good book stores at Christmas for an ideal Christmas stocking filler.

And then the buzzers went off, and it was time to collect our food from the food hatch.

Shake shack fries

Mmmm, fries

Shake Shack burgers

Mmmm, burger

I really liked the food, particularly the fries, and was happily full at the end of it.  Ignore all the snobs and haters and give it a go.  As it was relatively quiet (other than the opera singer in Covent Garden), we were able to hold on to our table after we’d finished, so we kept chatting for a bit (see above re: Bitching), before I got some Concrete bought for me as a birthday treat.

Shake Shack concrete

Mmmm, concrete

Shack Shake Concrete is a dense frozen custard and we both went for the Union Shake – Chocolatey brownie yumminess.  As much as I loved the concrete, I couldn’t actually taste that much difference between this and ice cream, although my taste buds aren’t that great.  I think it was good we ordered this much later, as it probably would have melted whilst we ate the burgers.

Tim’s bullet points from the meal were:

  • Too many staff and it was creepy when they called you by your name (I don’t agree with the second point)
  • Messy custard presentation which ended up everywhere (yeah, true)
  • The buzzer frightened him when it went off in his hand

Other than that, I think he enjoyed it.

Shake Shack

We finished much earlier than I thought, so after we were kicked out of a closing Paperchase, we wandered about for a bit, peering in the Tatty Devine window and being harassed by a shop assistant outside of a Dead Sea soap shop.  Tim then yelled “Décolletage” at an Agatha Christie sculpture like a french hooligan, we spontaneously fist pumped when he helped a lost tourist find the Foyles which made us both snort with laughter, and a decision was made to walk over to the South Bank.

The South Bank was quiet, so we quickly nipped into the Foyles to soak in the book atmosphere and think about where our book would fit in their shop.


I became determined that I would go in my favourite lift on my Bonanza – the Singing Lift in the Royal Festival Hall, but I had completely forgotten how to get there.  I ended up dragging Tim all round the South Bank trying to get to the bloody entrance coming across some incredibly random structures.


No idea

 And then I found my beloved lift.

Singing Lift

This may look like an ordinary lift…

We went up to the top floor, then down to the bottom, then back up to the second, with it singing to us all the way.  It might be one of the only lifts in the world that tweets.

Then this happened.


I don’t really know what this was about – I didn’t actually read the text.  But Tim did manage to make this poor woman make the most awful face.

The evening ended at Waterloo station with me confusedly asking Tim if he remembered that time we were in Argentina (I don’t think either of us have been) before he packed me onto the train home.

Three days for a Birthday Bonanza is pretty good going at my age, as is two burgers in three days.

Birthday Bonanza – Day Two

I’m behind on my Bonanza postings, and I only had three days!

Anyway, Day Two was a shopping day for Me and my Mummy, which started with my parents’ four rough collies  (Saffy, Mollie, Roman, and Skye) helping me to unwrap my presents.  I had asked my parents for a BRIGHT YELLOW SUITCASE for my upcoming Road Trip which is exactly what I got – a beautiful Tripp hardcase bag.  I also got some bubbly bath products, a cover for my passport, some squirrel pyjamas from M&S, and some Winnie the Pooh cuddlies.

And then on to the shopping.  I wanted to find a pair of Go Walk Skechers (again, for the Road Trip), but I couldn’t seem to find any pretty ones in stock anywhere online, so suggested to my Mum that we drove up to the McArthurGlen outlet village in Swindon.  I can’t imagine many people like to visit Swindon for their birthday, but the McArthur Glen has a very important store that keeps me occupied for ages – the Cosmetics Company Outlet.  CCO + Skechers = Happy Birthday ME!

I was worried we’d have to queue to get in the car park, but it actually wasn’t that busy which surprised me.  I do love Swindon outlet mall – you’ll walk around a corner and come across some random bit of railway engineering.


The shops are in the old Great Western Railway Works which is a little unusual!  It has all the standard outlet shops, and we spent a couple of hours traipsing round the various different shops looking at shoes, bags and clothes.  I was almost tempted by a pair of Melissa/Jason Wu shoes in Kurt Geiger, but they only had one pair which were filthy!  There was also a lot of Kartell furniture in the John Lewis, but again, it was mostly damaged stuff – the price you pay I suppose.

But anyway, on to the purpose of my visit.  The Skechers in Swindon is a little cramped, and especially so when other shoppers refuse to let you passed in case you steal the shoes you want.  It was a little painful, and my Mum found herself getting in a mood so she left whilst I continued on with my battle.  And success – the purple Go Walk shoes were mine.

Go Walk

Now I know they’re not the most stylish of shoes, but I have already worn them on a long-ish walk and my feet love them.  I think it’s official – I am now old and prefer comfort over style.

That said, I also bought these.


I have absolutely no need for them but LOOK AT THE PRETTY LACES!  I was only intending to buy one pair, but I couldn’t say no to these.

And then on to the Cosmetics Company Outlet.  I of course headed over to their MAC section first of all, where I spotted this beauty.


The Pink Buttercream Pearlmatte face powder from MAC‘s Baking Beauty range, which I think was only out a couple of months ago.

Then over to my new obsession – Bobbi Brown.

To Go

A Bobbi’s Luxury Travel Kit which contains travel sizes of the Extra Repair Moisturising Balm and Extra Soothing Balm, plus full sized Crystal Lip Gloss and Extra Eye Repair Cream (and an eye mask which I have flung somewhere and already lost).  I had debated about putting this on my birthday list but couldn’t quite justify putting something that was £60 on there, so I’m so happy that they were selling it a CCO and for £45 too!  The eye cream alone is £42.  I’ve already used the balm to bring a glow to my cheeks, and it will be so much easier taking the smaller bottles on holiday with me.

So that was Day Two.  Day Three is on it’s way…

Birthday Bonanza – Day One


August ended as it always does – with the best day of the year, my birthday.  An added bonus this year was it falling on a Saturday so no taking the day off for me.  And also, I managed to avoid any mentions of Diana, so that was a nice treat.

Husband didn’t let me down and got me some Parrot Zik headphones, designed by Philippe Starck.  I finally own something designed by Philippe Starck – WOO!   So far I have had a little dance around to Nine Inch Nails in my living room and it was amazing to skip/pause/change volume by using gestures on the touch sensitive panel.  I can now continue my Glee re-watch without wires, so no more detaching myself from my laptop to go to the kitchen.   It’s like I’m living in the future.

My next gift was some Keith Brymer Jones coffee mugs (yes, I did ask for them – I’m collecting!) together with a story about Husband’s trek to a South London Amazon Locker.  A little box followed, and I guessed what it was because it was covered in Tatty Devine stickers.

TD planet

A gorgeous Tatty Devine Planet necklace from their new season collection.  And just when I thought I was done with the present opening, another present flew out at me.  It really did – Husband had hidden it under the coffee table and flung it at me, taking me by surprise.

TD Bunny

A Sky Lab Rabbit necklace, also from Tatty Devine.  I love my husband, especially because he would brave the Brick Lane Tatty Devine store, and then walk back into his (very testosterone-y office) with a bright pink bag.

A lazy morning followed before we went into London for a Byron Burger followed by a trip around the Victoria and Albert museum.  The main reason for our visit was for the Club to Catwalk exhibition, all about fashion in the 1980s and it was really good.  No photos as they were prohibited (also prohibited – sketching) but there were designs there from Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Katharine Hamnett – some really gorgeous pieces.  I loved the sections on Goth and Glam Fetish, but I still continue to be terrified by any photos of Leigh Bowry.

After spending some time looking at the pretty clothes, we wandered around some of the rest of the museum, and I showed Husband some of the pieces that I’d been told about on a previous visit.


We then decided to walk the hell that is the Old Brompton Road – ugh, no thank you.  I much prefer my walks to look like this:


Nothing compares to the beautiful Fleet Pond, which we have to walk around to get home from the train station.

And as a special birthday treat, I got sparklers in my Gü cheesecake.


Admittedly, it almost set Husband on fire, but it was totally worth it.