I was thinking about shopping. As per usual.

Liberty1Day two of my Birthday Bonanza was spent shopping in London with my Mum.  She tends to go to London with my Dad, and he always has specific shops he wants to visit so she doesn’t get to wander around aimlessly.  This was my chance to give her a bit of an aimless wander.

We started at Cafe Nero in the Oxo Tower after a short train journey into Waterloo, where we sat and planned our route.  First up, we need to find an emergency short-sleeved top for Mum as it had suddenly got very warm.  Top purchased from a popular high street store, we walked up Regent Street towards Liberty, my favourite shop in the world.  After lusting after some beautiful bags (Hello Mulberry!), we went into the beauty hall as she wanted to buy me some Co Bigelow goodies for my birthday.

Every few months, I treat myself to the Mentha shampoo and conditioner as it’s the next best thing to my dream conditioner – their lavender and peppermint range which you cannot get in the UK.  I grabbed my substitutes, picked up some of their chapped hands remedy, and then very loudly gasped.  THEY HAD THE DREAM CONDITIONER.  Embarrassingly, I had gasped so loudly that I attracted the attention of the sales assistant, so I had to explain why I was acting like an immense dork.  She smiled politely, and I’m sure she very subtly started to back away.  I was happy though.

Liberty2All of these products are amazing, especially the Chapped Hands Remedy which has already fixed my very dry hands when every other moisturiser has failed me.  I wish I lived in New York as I would be in the Co Bigelow store every week.

We wandered around Liberty from top to bottom, wishlisting many items and planning my perfect home.  I was quite disappointed that I didn’t see anyone from the Liberty TV series, but it was good to see the rug department was just as it was on TV.  Chocked full of rugs.

After Liberty, I very quickly popped into Lush to buy some Comforter shower gel (fortunately, it’s right by the door, so I barely had to go in the shop), and we stopped by the Benefit counter in Boots for some eyebrow advice.  We then fought through the Oxford Street crowds to visit House of Fraser and Selfridges – I really don’t like Oxford Street and it’s a massive pain that Selfridges is located on it.

We decided to head back at this point, and I gave my Mum the option of Tubing it to Waterloo, but she was happy to walk so we nipped down one of the side streets for a bit of peace and quiet, stumbling across Fenwicks in the process.  After a brief browse, Mum decided she needed another coffee and fortunately we found an empty Eat in St George Street – despite the building works opposite, it was remarkably tranquil.

We managed to get all the way to Charing Cross station when it started to rain, so took the Bakerloo line the rest of the way.  I think that’s fair though – my Fitbit said we’d done 9 miles so it was only fair that I gave her a bit of a rest.  She did very well (although I’m sure she slept all of Sunday).

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