Stop your ginger nonsense

Odeon GreenwichA couple of years ago, Tim introduced me to a great birthday tradition – the Birthday Bonanza.  His greatest Bonanzas go on for weeks, but mine tend to last for three days, the first of which was this Thursday evening up on the Greenwich Peninsula.

I wanted to see Trainwreck and knew Husband didn’t have much of an interest so demanded Tim accompany me.  Despite the fact it only came out a couple of weeks ago, London had all but given up on screenings, but we found a couple of 6.30 showings in Greenwich.  Coincidentally Tim’s local area so I got a lovely guided tour of the mismatched apartment blocks on the way to the circular Odeon.

Armed with my NUS card (perk of the job), I marched my way in, spotting that I could get discount on popcorn and soda.  This unfortunately got me into an argument with the sales assistant who seemed horrified at the thought of giving me – clearly not a teenage girl – student discount on food.  After stomping off to speak to her manager, she conceded, even more so when the advert behind her flipped around to show the actual offer.  Mardy does not begin to describe it.

Odeon weren’t on to a great start with us, and things didn’t improve when a big chuck of the screen was obscured.  Good job Trainwreck doesn’t have subtitles.  And they left the door open which is one of my cinema pet hates.  Cute theatre though – three rows of seats, and everyone seemed really into the film.

On the subject of the film, I loved it.  Admittedly, we were counting instances of racism and homophobia (8 mentions each) and some of it was stomach-wrenchingly gross (John Cena’s naked body – I’m talking about you) but it made me cry with laughter.  I love Amy Schumer and Bill Hader anyway, but the two of them together were hilarious.

And Tilda Swinton.  WOW.  I love how she plays a normal woman, and yet she looks so unsettling.  I love this quote from her:

Yes, the Tandoori tan. That’s probably the most heavily disguised I’ve ever been, in my life. Forget The Grand Budapest Hotel or Snowpiercer. And yet, there are women walking around the streets right now, looking like that. It’s a desired look, apparently. It was great fun.

She’s an absolute goddess.

There were a few sports references that went over my head, but maybe that was put in to appeal to the males – I didn’t get those bits.  I did love the insane amount of cameos from comedians and actors that I knew from all over the place.  I really want to see it again, if only to memorise the dance sequence.  Any film that ends with a dance sequence is a winner.

Ceylon PlaceAfter the film, I managed to not get in any other arguments with the staff and we wandered back to North Greenwich tube, stopping to admire this row of 8 houses in the middle of nowhere.  As I have since discovered, Ceylon Place is a row of 200 year old worker cottages, and features in the Blur video for Parklife – I want to live there.  There’s something about a uniform row of houses that really appeals to me.

After a quick stop off for some Five Guys fries, and a glimpse of the fireworks off in the distance for the Tall Ships Festival, it was time for me to get back on the tube.  Before I went, Tim gave me my birthday presents – Whip It by Shauna Cross, a pristine copy of the Adam and Joe book, and a print of Nancy from The Craft by my tattooist, Jessi James.  All of which I LOVE.

Day one of the Bonanza – 5/5, would recommend.

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