Not Another Bill – August 2015 review


My NAB review is a little late this month – I think they had Royal Mail problems, then I was in a waffle coma for a few days.  No matter.

August’s gift is a really nice wash bag.  I am a little worried that we’re repeating things now, as I got a really nice wash bag in November, but as I investigated it a little more, I started not to mind so much.


My Cabbages and Roses wash bag from November is in constant use – I took all my make-up bits to a wedding only last weekend – but this one from Plum and Ashby is different enough for me to make room for two wash bags in my life.  It has a gorgeous leather strap and metal buckle, and is so beautifully made.

NAB pointed out that it doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a wash bag, so I’ve decided to repurpose mine for my bedside table.  I have so many bottles of stuff which are now neatly tidied away.


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