What I didn’t do in New York


We packed a lot in to our New York trip despite the fact we had terrible weather, and I think we managed to tick off most of the things we wanted to do.  When people have asked me about my trip, I’ve perhaps come across as disliking the city, but I don’t, I just didn’t love it.  It felt very familiar and easy, but I didn’t get the immediate “Oh my goodness, I want to stay here forever” feeling that I got in Burlington or Providence.  I would like to go back at some point as there is still so much I didn’t do.  Here’s a very quick list:

  • Visit or even see the Statue of Liberty, although we did see it from the Top of the Rock
  • Go to the New York Public Library.  Probably my biggest regret
  • Eat at Big Gay Ice Cream every day.  Ha.
  • Visit the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park
  • Visit a book shop.  I didn’t see one!  Do New Yorkers not read paper books anymore?
  • Buy the hard copy of Divergent I need for my collection.  Probably something to do with the fact we didn’t see a book shop.  This one is probably quite specific to me.
  • Go below 9th Street.  We didn’t see anything of the Financial District or Wall Street etc
  • Visit the Upper East Side.  We barely visited the Upper West Side either.
  • Go to Whole Foods.  I LOVE WHOLE FOODS, OK?
  • Go to Brooklyn, or see the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry
  • Ride in a taxi
  • Properly explore Central Park
  • Go to the Guggenheim or the Met
  • Shop at Macy’s
  • Tour the Lincoln Center
  • Visit the UN

I’m sure there’s more we didn’t do.  Oh well, we’ll have to think about a return journey.

This is what I did do:

Day One – So many smells
Day Two – Accidental half marathon
Day Three – Wet Don Draper
Day Four – Selfie Sunday
Day Five – Blue sky, just not where it counts

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