Not Another Bill – May 2014 box


Oh, Not Another Bill, it’s like you’re in my brain.  I was complaining (to myself) that Goodie Goodness sent out a chopping board the month after I had given up and GUESS WHAT.

DSC_0395What a ridiculously glorious chopping board.  The neon orange fits perfectly in my kitchen, as it’s currently white with neon accents, so all I need now is a hook somewhere to display it.  And you know, to chop things on it.


The board is a “product of experimentation; a reclaimed teak wood chopping board with a painted handle”, a collaboration between NAB and HK Living, and what a mistake it was to go on their website because I want ALL THE THINGS.  Why are Europeans so good at producing beautiful things?  Bizarrely, there are two stores very close to me that stock their items so I am sure to find myself in one of them at some point.

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