Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar – week 1

Liberty Advent1I managed to contain myself for three whole weeks.  I didn’t cheat, so 1st December was incredibly satisfying.  I have been photographing my Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar as I open the drawers for my Instagram, but I thought I’d do a weekly-ish post about the contents.

  • Day one – Liberty lavender and wild chamomile soap.  It’s a beautiful gift to start with, and smells gorgeous.  I don’t know if I can bring myself to open the packaging, so it might be one of those products that sits decoratively in my bathroom.
  • Day two – Nars ‘Deep Throat’ blush.  I had a MUA put Orgasm on me in Selfridges one time but she made me look awful, so I’ve been too frightened to try them again. Deep Throat is a peachy colour which I would never have gone for in a million years, but I actually really love it – I’ve been wearing it all week.  Day two was a win!  Not quite full size, but it’ll keep me going for a while.
  • Day three – Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser.  Only a sample size, but that’s ok as I hate the scent of rose.  I might see if I can try this, otherwise I’ll pass this on to my Mum.  Sorry Aromatherapy Associates!
  • Day four – Margaret Dabbs nourishing nail and cuticle serum.  I’ve already started using this one.  I hate cuticle oils as I can’t stand greasy hands, but this one has more of a creamy consistency.  I’m happy with this one.
  • Day five – a £25 voucher for Josh Wood Atelier Lab in Liberty.  It’s cute little bauble keyring thing, but I don’t know if I’ll get to use it.  It’s a very London-centric gift and it feels a little short-sighted of Liberty to put this in the calendar.  Oh well.
  • Day six – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.  A very iconic product, and a good little sample size to try.  Husband loves kiehl’s, so he’s already try to steal this from me.  I used it last night, and it’s a lovely cream – apparently, if I keep using this for 10 days, I will have “a skin texture heretofore unattainable”.  Fancy that.
  • Day seven – Trish McEvoy line refiner.  A nice full size product here, something to plump up the lines on my face.  Fortunately, my lovely pale skin is mostly line free so I won’t get get much use out of it – I might try it on my little frown line between my eyebrows but I think these kind of products are bullshit, so we’ll see.

The first week has been quite mixed, but that’s ok.  I love subscription boxes and this is kind of like one of those, only I get a present every day so I’ll hopefully find some more unfamiliar brands to fall in love with.

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