Flatley my dear, I don’t Riverdance

Riverdance1This is your pre-read warning – this post is about Riverdance.

This year, Riverdance toured their 20th Anniversary show.  I bought tickets for my Mum and I about a year ago as a birthday treat for her, and yes, a treat for me too.  Riverdance is my guilty pleasure, something I’ve been going to see for almost 20 years.  I’m aware that this does make me a giant nerd but I don’t even care.

My Mum picked me up from work on Friday and we drove up to Hammersmith, planning on parking in our usual hidden away spot.  Little did we know that it would be closed for building works – damnit!  We eventually found our way to the mall car park and then traipsed around Hammersmith for an age trying to find somewhere to eat that wasn’t either packed or crap.  We ended up in a McDonalds as we very quickly ran out of time and patience.  When we subsequently found a Byron after the show, I could have kicked myself.

Anyway, the show.  They had moved the seating about since I booked the tickets, and for once, it was to our benefit as we ended up right on the front row, so close that we spent most of the show covered in dry ice from the stage.

Riverdance2It was a great performance, as always.  It was weird seeing it with such a different cast – pretty much everyone was different to the last time we saw it.  We thought we recognised a couple of faces but the main dancers, like the tap dancers and flamenco dancer – all new to us.  The first half flew by, and when it came to the second half, the audience suddenly woke up and screamed and hollered at all the right parts.  Everyone was on their feet for the final number – I don’t think my Mum and I have clapped so hard before!

There was a few new dances but it was largely the same show that we’ve seen 8 or 9 times before which is fine by us.  We know what we love.  For some reason, the music of Riverdance holds a very dear place in our hearts.

I did feel bad for the male lead as he did a spectacular fall right at the very end.  He very elegantly jumped straight back up and carried on dancing whilst blushing and laughing quite a lot, but we’ve never seen a dancer slip onto their butt before.  I can’t deny giggling quite a bit on the way back to the car.

So go on, have a good laugh at the dorky woman who likes the decades-old Irish dance show.  It’s ok, I’m used to it.  Also, if you mention Flatley to me, I may hit you.  I can assure you that I have never been into Flatley’s show.  Blerch.

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