Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar – week 3

Liberty advent3For my third week products from the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar, I dragged Tim around Fleet Pond to photograph them.  Because I’m a pretentious blogger.

  • Day fifteen – Weleda Skin Food.  This is a favourite of my Sister-in-Law’s so I was curious to try it.  So far, it hasn’t done anything for my weirdly damaged skin on my calf (to be fair, I don’t think anything would) but I’ll keep using it.
  • Day sixteen – Suratt all-in-one eye baton.  A lovely eye liner and eye shadow product.  Definitely one to keep in the make-up bag.  I’ve never heard of Suratt before, so it’s nice to find new brands.
  • Day seventeen – Dermalogica pre-cleanse.  Another facial cleanser.  Personally, life is too short for pre-cleansing but I’ll get some use out of it every now and again.  An odd product – an oil that turns into a milk.
  • Day eighteen – Omorovicza lip balm.  It’s a lovely lip balm (which I accidentally stuck my finger right into the middle of) but it doesn’t win against the Co Bigelow last week.
  • Day nineteen – voucher for 30 minute Sisley facial.  I had a bit of a whinge about the hair voucher in week one, but I think I’ll probably end up making the trip into London to use this one.
  • Day twenty – Laura Mercier Lip Glace.  It’s a lovely nude colour which actually suits me quite well, and doesn’t feel horribly sticky on my lips.  Not full size.
  • Day twenty-one – Dr Sebagh Serum Repair.  This is full size.  THIS IS FULL SIZE AND £70.  £70!!!  I used it this morning and wasn’t wowed by it, but it might be one of those slow burn things.  Regardless, THIS IS £70!  Well, if it’s good enough for Elle Macpherson…

Only 4 days to go!


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