I love what you’ve neglected to do with the place


(Apologies for the poor photos in this post – I just could not get the angles right!!)

We moved into our house many years ago – I was a young person! – and up until now, the only room that we redecorated was the kitchen.  We’ve made a half-assed attempt at the living room (which is now next on the list to be redone properly) but this Easter weekend, the focus was on our bedroom.  It was a dumping ground for everything and anything, and even though we ran out of space a long time ago, we kept trying to fit more in.

We decided on Pax wardrobes.  It’s an insanely flexible system and (allegedly) easy to put together.  We could hide all of our junk behind beautiful sliding doors.  Conveniently, four of the 1m wardrobes fit nicely along one of our walls, and they just about go all the way to the ceiling.  There was a lot of measuring done before ordering though as this was something we really didn’t want to get wrong!  You need about 10cm clear in order to manoeuvre them into place, and fortunately we had exactly 10cm.

Using the planner was great – stick all the measurements in, and build your wardrobes without even going into the store.  Not that I don’t love an Ikea visit, but we knew we’d have to get it delivered so it seemed pointless to order in store.  I let Husband do all the planning and looked over his shoulder every now and again with suggestions of what to do with my side.

So this is what we ended up with – two big wardrobes each, lots of drawers for me, and a trouser hanger for him.  For some reason, Husband wanted baskets instead of drawers so we don’t quite have symmetry but that’s ok.  We have awesome Striberg LED lights which light up when you open the doors (and some Phillips Hue LightStrips at the top) so we never need to get dressed in the dark again!

We only got the ‘basic’ sliding doors as we figured we’d splash out on some fancy ones at some point.  That seems unlikely now as they were such a pain to hang.  Plain white will have to do – those suckers are staying put.

The new wardrobes has meant a complete change of our bedroom.  They sit along the wall where our bed used to be, so the bed has had to move 90 degrees.  We’ve got a bit of empty space opposite the wardrobes and I’ve yet to figure out what piece of furniture to put there.  I’ve got some Herb Lester maps to frame and put up at least.  We painted the walls in Dulux Teal Tension and Chic Shadow (a GORGEOUS grey) and I’ve even changed the curtains.  It’s a whole new room.

I can’t actually decide what to do with this shelf…

I took a trip to Ikea yesterday to get the finishing touches – we realised we wanted two more drawers like the one above, one for shoes and one for Husband’s accessories, plus I wanted to get a few hundred Variera hole plugs to cover up the shelf holes, some Skubbs, and other box thingies to put stuff on the top shelf.  Unfortunately, we all got evacuated from the store for 45 minutes due to a “technical issue” and when we were let back in, there was only 25 minutes until the shop closed.  I forgot most of things I wanted to buy!

We still have a bit to do – more junk to put away, wiring to hide.  And I of course need to buy more clothes to fill all that empty space.

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