Not Another Bill – April and May

NAB MayI’ve got two months worth of Not Another Bill reviews as I forgot to write one last month.  That tends to happen when I’m not so enthusiastic about a gift, and that was the case with April’s offering.

NAB AprilNot to put down Eleanor Bolton‘s beautifully made bracelet – it is a very lovely thing – but I don’t really wear bracelets, and this isn’t really my style.  Having said that, I think I would like it more if the whole thing was coiled with the grey and pink after looking at her website.  I also really like her new Folk range – that’s super pretty.  I’m bound to wear something that this matches sooner or later though.

Moving on to May, this was the first NAB parcel that didn’t fit in my letter box, so I had to trundle down to the sorting office to collect it.  It was so heavy that I couldn’t even wait until I got home before opening it.

NAB May 2Which is why you have a lovely arty shot of my five Hay hangers on my gates.  And also because I’m pretentious.

It’s funny – when I met Ned at Pick Me Up last month, he mentioned a collaboration with Hay (one of my favourite Danish designers) and I was sad to hear that I’d missed a Hay surprise, but hooray, there’s another this month !

Not only are the cord-wrapped hangers from Hay, but I’ve also just got a new wardrobe to them in.  I smirked as I opened the packaging in the sorting office car park, amused at the serendipitous theme for this month.  If I was more self-centered, I’d assume they were buying gifts directly for me.

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