I need you so much closer

Heathrow T3

The last month has been the usual Fresher’s madness at work – September and October are dominated by just utter craziness.  This is my eighth Freshers though, so I can’t pretend to be surprised.

This October also features a solo week for me, with Husband off on a last minute work trip to Texas.  Once again, I have a trip to an airport which does not end up with me getting on the plane.  Boo.  The trip was a bit unexpected, but he’s promised to try to get to Sephora for me so I suppose I’ll let him go.

So, what am I up to whilst he’s away?

  • I took a trip to Swindon outlets this morning for some make-up, Skechers, and hair dye which I then used to…
  • Dye my hair pink – well, the ends anyway.  It’ll wash out in about five minutes though.
  • Going to see Louis Theroux and Adam Buxton at the Royal Festival Hall.  I am super excited about this, even though I’ll be a Billy No-Mates
  • Getting a fancy manicure with my Mum

I haven’t got anything else planned for October or the beginning of November, so I’ll be scrambling around for blog content.  Eep.  This could be disastrous.

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3 thoughts on “I need you so much closer

      1. Very true, those clowns and their axes that they drag on the ground and hold up to your throat would be a bit too real!

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