My Comic Con haul

I’ve been horribly addicted to YA books since reading the Hunger Games last year.  I took the first one on holiday to Malta, not realising I’d be finished with it by the second day so I then had to find (what felt like) the only book store on the island to buy the second.  Only I accidentally ended up buying the third – oh, it’s a long story.  When I was done with the adventures of Katniss, I carried on through the YA dystopian genre, eventually finding myself at Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Again, I got horribly addicted, completely falling in love with the characters (especially Four).  What was fun about getting into Divergent was that the last book in the trilogy hadn’t been released yet so I couldn’t gorge myself on the whole story all at once, although the wait for the third has been excruciating.  I suddenly realised that we’ve booked our road trip for the week Allegiant comes out in October, but it’s ok – I’ve Street Viewed the area that we’ll be in on the 22nd October and there is a Barnes and Noble on the same street as our hotel.  PHEW!

It was so exciting to hear that they’re making a film, and even more exciting to hear they’d be promoting it at San Diego Comic Con.  Not that I would be going to Comic Con (I think I’m too old to queue for that long) but my lovely Rach was, so I charged her with elbowing people in the face to get to MERCH!  And she got me some good stuff.


I’m super excited that I got a Dauntless badge.


I might wear one the next time I see my parents to make them roll their eyes.

Iron on patch!

And I made Husband get in the bag for scale.  I have literally no idea what I’m going to do with it but I do need to pick it up off the floor as I’ve already tripped over it once and probably broken my toe.

March now please!!

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