Not Another Bill – February 2016 review

NAB Feb2016It’s starting to feel a bit like Not Another Bill have given up.

Last month was a duplicate gift, this month is napkins.  Yes.  Napkins.

NAB Feb2016_2I mean, they’re very nice napkins.  Seemingly well made, designs reminiscent of semaphore flags.  I already knew what they were before I opened the package as I had seen people ranting on Twitter so wasn’t surprised.  Two things leap out at me though:

  1. They’re not branded – this isn’t a collaboration or some iconic Scandi set.  This is just NAB.
  2. They’re NAPKINS.

I just cannot get excited about them, and this is the second disappointing month in a row.  We’ll see what March brings.

Not Another Bill – January 2016

NAB Jan16*Sigh*

The alternative title for this post is “Not Another Chopping Board”.  I really hope NAB haven’t run out of ideas.

NAB Jan16_3Admittedly, this is a lovely chopping board by HK Living – reclaimed teak wood with a painted blue handle.  But it was also lovely when I received it the first time round.

NAB Jan16_2Two chopping boards isn’t the end of the world I suppose.  But I do wish they had checked to see if I had received it last year.

Not Another Bill – December 2015 review

NABDec15_1I’m not really feeling Christmas this year, so it’s good that Not Another Bill didn’t go nuts with a theme.  I think Husband is more into this month’s gift than I am though.

NAB Dec15They’ve sent me a Gin Mule kit, which is two cute copper mugs, a little bottle of Sipsmith Gin, and a recipe card to make a Gin Gin Mule.  As a (mostly) teetotaller, I’m not the target audience for this, but the mugs are very pretty.  They have a lovely NAB logo on the bottom, and apparently the copper improves the flavour of the drink.

For now, they just look nice on my windowsill.

Not Another Bill – Sept, Oct, and Nov box (!)

NAB Sept 2015Wow, I have been slacking.  The last Not Another Bill post I made was for August’s surprise, and the last three months have just got away from me.

So September.  September was  my least favourite NAB gift of all time and I actually asked them if I could send it back – NAB were very gracious and offered to send something different, but I forgot to take it to the post office.  Oops.

Anyway, this is how the gift currently looks – a (quite hideous) Dalmatian stapler from Anthropologie.  I really really dislike it, which is why it’s still in the box.  If anyone wants it, give me a shout.  Please.

NAB Oct 2015October was much more up my street – a beautiful rose gold ring from designer Matthew Calvin.  Part of his Meteorite collection, it’s such a delicate piece, and really unusual.  I’ve already wishlisted most of his items.

NAB Nov 2015Which brings me to November, and the gift that I picked up from the post office yesterday.  What looks like a bit of a random selection from Meraki (Danish – WOO!) makes a bit more sense once you read the leaflet – what they’re calling an apothecary set for some ‘me time’, and perhaps a bit of hygge.  A lovely smelling sesame scrub soap, a jasmine and sandalwood candle – currently burning away on my coffee table – and a retro enamel bowl which I’m going to use for the soap.

I haven’t heard of Meraki before, so it’s nice to have yet another brand to look out for when I’m in Copenhagen next month.

Introducing HoneyTreePost

Honeytree Post5Before I get into this post, I have to apologise for the photos – I haven’t transferred all my photo editing software to my new laptop as yet but didn’t want to delay the review so apologies if they have an odd hue to them…

Rather excitingly, I’ve been sent a brand new subscription box to review. We all know I love finding things in the mail box, so I was contacted by Honey Tree Stationers who asked if I’d like a sneaky peek at their first box. It’s gorgeous.

I chose the Stationery Lovers Club – a selection of at 7 items from Honey Tree, like “greeting cards, postcards, notecards, gift tags and hand drawn prints ready to frame”. My favourite items are at the top – a pretty notecard and envelope set with autumnal leaves. I love how they’ve themed the box for the change of season.

The rest is super cute as well – the satchel print is going to go perfectly on my new noticeboard at work, and I already know who to give the sausage dog postcard to. The cards are charmingly drawn, and they have loads more on their bespoke stationery website – it makes me wish that I was one of those really organised people who sends family christmas cards, and cards just to say hello to acquaintances. I imagine sitting at a writing desk with a sturdy fountain pen in my hand, writing on the beautiful thick card. I mean, my writing is a hideous mess so I’d probably ruin the cards but in an ideal world it’d be perfect.

HoneyTree also supports Post Pals, a charity that is “dedicated to making seriously ill children and their siblings smile by the sending of cards, letters, little gifts, support and friendship” – they will donate £1 from every subscription to the charity. What a wonderful idea.

If you sign up before 30th September, you can get 50% off your first box with the code HTP50.  

That makes the box positively bargainous for ephemera fans.

Not Another Bill – August 2015 review


My NAB review is a little late this month – I think they had Royal Mail problems, then I was in a waffle coma for a few days.  No matter.

August’s gift is a really nice wash bag.  I am a little worried that we’re repeating things now, as I got a really nice wash bag in November, but as I investigated it a little more, I started not to mind so much.


My Cabbages and Roses wash bag from November is in constant use – I took all my make-up bits to a wedding only last weekend – but this one from Plum and Ashby is different enough for me to make room for two wash bags in my life.  It has a gorgeous leather strap and metal buckle, and is so beautifully made.

NAB pointed out that it doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a wash bag, so I’ve decided to repurpose mine for my bedside table.  I have so many bottles of stuff which are now neatly tidied away.


Not Another Bill review – July 15

NABJuly1I became convinced someone had stolen my Not Another Bill parcel this month (not just that – all the post as we haven’t had anything all week).  But phew, the post box was full Saturday morning.  I guess our postie had been storing it all up again.

NABJuly2Pictured with my favourite “World’s Best Something” mug full of pens (mainly eye liners), my gift this month was a reporters notebook from Belgian stationery store, Le Typographe.  A gorgeous little notebook, with every hipster’s favourite paper (gridded, natch) and a lovely pencil inside.  It is super nice, with a custom NAB cover and satisfying elastic binding around it.

And yet.

And yet I’m a teensy bit disappointed.  It is a beautiful item, and I now want to go to Le Typographe to buy All The Things, a store which looks like a Beneluxian Present and Correct – never a bad thing.  The notes that come with this month gift talk about the unique crafting that goes into their products, like the “heavyweight Heidelberg printing press” and all that is very much appreciated.  I just couldn’t help looking through the packaging to see what else was there.
NABJuly3I do love it though, and it will certainly get some use.

Not Another Bill review – June 15


What a lucky girl I’ve been this month.  Last week, I picked up two new pairs of glasses from the opticians (which are killing me, but that’s another story) and what do I receive in my NAB parcel this month, but a BEAUTIFUL glasses case from La Portegna.  Now technically, they have sent a glasses case before but I’m going to let them off because they’re quite different.  The first one was beachy casual, whereas this one is more sophisticated elegance.

The case is made of gorgeous soft leather in racing green (probably not quite clear enough in my photo because of my ridiculous Curves layers).  From the info they sent, I could have had navy or green, and I think I might have preferred navy.  Nothing against the green, but it’s not my favourite colour.  But even with that minor quibble, I still love the case.

Even better, La Portegna will monogram the case for free for me if I take it to their store, which I am very tempted to do.  The only worry I’d have in visiting their Marylebone Road store is that their bags are so stunning that I might opening weep in the shop, which would be awkward for everyone.


So once again, NAB have given me a gift that perfectly goes with something I’ve just bought, which leads me to obnoxiously and self-centeredly believe that they are tailoring their gifts around my fascinating blog.  On the off chance that’s happening, here’s some ideas for you:

  • Another Tatty Devine collaboration
  • Another Present and Correct prezzie
  • Something from Hannah Zakari
  • Ooo, or Janine Basil
  • Something with Liberty?
  • More Danish/Swedish cuteness
  • A lovely cushion
  • With matching curtains!
  • A new macbook
  • A pony?

Not Another Bill – April and May

NAB MayI’ve got two months worth of Not Another Bill reviews as I forgot to write one last month.  That tends to happen when I’m not so enthusiastic about a gift, and that was the case with April’s offering.

NAB AprilNot to put down Eleanor Bolton‘s beautifully made bracelet – it is a very lovely thing – but I don’t really wear bracelets, and this isn’t really my style.  Having said that, I think I would like it more if the whole thing was coiled with the grey and pink after looking at her website.  I also really like her new Folk range – that’s super pretty.  I’m bound to wear something that this matches sooner or later though.

Moving on to May, this was the first NAB parcel that didn’t fit in my letter box, so I had to trundle down to the sorting office to collect it.  It was so heavy that I couldn’t even wait until I got home before opening it.

NAB May 2Which is why you have a lovely arty shot of my five Hay hangers on my gates.  And also because I’m pretentious.

It’s funny – when I met Ned at Pick Me Up last month, he mentioned a collaboration with Hay (one of my favourite Danish designers) and I was sad to hear that I’d missed a Hay surprise, but hooray, there’s another this month !

Not only are the cord-wrapped hangers from Hay, but I’ve also just got a new wardrobe to them in.  I smirked as I opened the packaging in the sorting office car park, amused at the serendipitous theme for this month.  If I was more self-centered, I’d assume they were buying gifts directly for me.

Not Another Bill – March box


March’s Not Another Bill present really surprised me this month.  I’ve never had a good set of nice knives (admittedly, that’s mainly because I don’t really cook).  It’s always been one of those things that I look at in shops, and then decide to spend my money elsewhere so to open my packaging to find these was amazing!

Opinel are a French company who have been making their wooden handled knives since 1890, and the set I received from NAB are so well made.  Opinel’s outdoorsy knives have been exhibited at the V&A, and the MOMA, so their kitchen knives are bound to be amazing.

NABMarch1 They come in a great cardboard box which has useful information on it for a kitchen ignoramus like me.

NABMarch4In my set is a paring knife, serrated knife, vegetable knife which has a great serrated edge on the top, and a peeler.  I almost don’t want to use them as they’re too perfect.

NABMarch2They go so well with the HK Living chopping board I received from NAB in May last year.  If I stick with NAB for another couple of years, I’ll have a kitchen full of iconic items in no time.